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  1. well still no interior had to console my self with doing retro fit of electric rear windows got all the parts at weekend from a car which i could test that the motors worked only took me 2 hrs to do was surprised at how easy it was and it worked first time which for me and anything electrical is a surprise felling brave and am thinking of getting powerfold mirrors to retract in via keyfob next no doubt i will be back on forum asking for help martin
  2. Thanks for that information not brave enough to tackle the bumpers yet still looking for a faceliift car 2004 and above to get interior from
  3. just a quick update the hunt still continues went to look at a mondeo tonight unfortunatley it was a prefacelift full leather interior in immaculate condition so if any member is looking for an interior pm me and will give you details guy wants only £120 gutted that it would not suit my car because of wiring
  4. well just a quick update went to look at car at breakers seats were torn to hell and because windscreen out soaked and covered in green slime so the hunt continues for the black leather interior or st interior next port of call sports car breakers edinburgh its about 50 miles away but have to widen my search as have looked at all places in lanarkshire area and some in glasgow martin
  5. Have seen a mondeo st at breakers would this fit my car its a 2006 hatchback same as mines
  6. i am tending to lean towards trying to getting a face lift interior from some where in glasgow/edinburgh area have seen interioirs on ebay and mondeo spares but i would have to buy door looms and switches seperate to interior from mondeo spares and that would put over £100 onto price of interior and as some have said i dont get chance to look over it before i buy so the hunt is on for the interior at brakers up here have put ad in gumtree and ad trader aswell will keep you posted if and when i get one no doubt to get advice for thge wiring thank you all for advice and help so far Martin
  7. steve , Thank you very much for your advice and support am going to try and source a interior from breakers round about the glasgow area at least i can see when taking doorcards and window switches out how to put them back into my car have seen interiors on ebay but £55/£75 delivery is a bit steep and knowing my luck with ebay would have rips or parts missing thanks martin
  8. Thanks very much for advice provided so far have had a root around behind coin/credit card holder and found a small green/red multiplug with 5 wires in it is this where if i remove coin holder the heated seat switch would plug into .Also on rear window conversion once i get both rear door wiring looms are there plugs in door to plug in wiring loom for electric window motor sorry if its long winded as i said complete ameteur but willing to give it a try with your help and guidance
  9. Hi all, i'm looking for some advice... I have a 2006 Mondeo Edge 5 door hatch mark3, I was in the local breakers today and the have a 2002 mk3 Ghia x with a leather interior,heated/electric seats and all the door cards, can anyone advise on the following queries? 1. My Mondeo has manual rear windows,how easy would it be to change these to electric as the interior comes with rear door cards with electric window switches? 2.My front seat has basic powered up and down movement, the Ghia interior has full movement controls, would I have wiring issues trying to swap these over? 3. How easy would it be to wire up these replacement seats to work as heated seats,my car a small coin/card holder where the 2 seat switches should go? 4 is it best to try get a facelift interior 5 As i am up in sunny scotland i wish ,has any members in the lanarkshire/glasgow area done this swap that could help me Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Regards Martin
  10. Hello

    hi there , have just joined this site after purchasing a 2006 ford mondeo edge am sure will need your advice and guidence soon martin
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums marty21 :)