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  1. hi all i posted a while back my brakes had seized on the passenger side like a binding but found if i pushed the car hard enough she would jump free but then heard nasty noise and a ping then oil was coming out from where the long shaft goes or somewhere near there ie the very bottom of the box i have changed all the brakes /pads/discs/hoses and car drove fine just a test run though but after short while or when it had warmed i had a serious whine in second gear then it got worse whining in every gear could this be no oil in the box and have i caught it early before the box shears itself please help asap would filling the box back up cure this problem also i have looked for a hole where the oil cam out and can not locate it could the long shaft be totalled inside the box or a seal
  2. Mk6 Problems

    to answer the above question yes there is an upgraded part for the washer jets as the old ones seem to let water get on to the hg leads causing it to malfunction