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  1. Oil Leak Out Of Of Wishbone

    yeah it should be fine. basically you have 3 pins sticking out from the end if the shaft. and 3 big wheels that sit on those pins. Those wheels rotate on roller bearings which are cylindrical. Basically clean it all up so its spot less. Then fill a wheel with rollers and then shove some fresh grease in there and put it on the pin, do the same for the other two. the fill the drive cup with the rest of the grease, and then sit cup on top of the rebuilt shaft assembly then using some cable ties fasten the boot back up and refit to the car.
  2. The Great Royal Nail Rebuild Thread

    DYING dot COM. Ive been out all day with my flap wheels and removed all the paint from the sides of the van and all the filler I only rubbed down the roof because the paint job on there was actually really good. However I have subsequently primered the whole van now with 2k etch primer which will create a good base for the filler to adhere too later this week. Im gonna go n have a lie down in a darkened room in a sec cos im sweating like Jimmi Saville on Top of the Pops, and I need a beer or ten. Anyhoo heres the evidence
  3. Oil Leak Out Of Of Wishbone

    No the splines are different. And TBH you may find that youve strained the inner joint too much and a roller bearing has fell out. Its easy enough to pull the boot back and rebuild the bearings. Youll find the errant bearing inside the boot when you slide it back. All youll need is some CV joint grease and a couple of cable ties to do the job, and a shed load of paper towel to clean the old grease out so you can see what yer doing. A lot cheaper than changing the shaft,
  4. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    taken all the doors off, windscreen out and de rusted round where the windscreen was. Rust treated and primed it
  5. The Great Royal Nail Rebuild Thread

    Me again!! Right after my little rant about AA Autowindscreens, Ive taken the screen out completely and its behind my wardrobe where it cant get bust. Glad I did cos there was some nasties under the sealer. So will drown them in rust treatment in a sec. Ive also taken all the doors off and put them in the shed outta the way so I can get on with painting the shell. And finally ive fitted my rear caliper brackets. Like a mong again I ordered the wrong ones, but I made em have it. Granted its only got 3 bolts in BUT they are welded on on the other side so are going nowhere in a hurry. Just need my wheel bearings to arrive now and I can put the hubs back on and forget about them for a bit. Heres the evidence so far
  6. Best Driving Roads

    Is that near Ardnemurchan??? Im sure ive been through there wen I stayed in a cottage in Strontian
  7. Yeah turbo charging can be done. I can do it for ya. You wont get big power numbers tho unless you spend big on internals. Personally I would convert it to bike throttle bodies raise the compression and youd get similar figures and it would be more drive-able
  8. The Great Royal Nail Rebuild Thread

    ANY HOO, atlast my spring shackles doth arrived!! So I could put my back end back on the owd girl! Also fitted some brand new Kayaba Gas shocks for the 75 so they'll be a bit stiffer than the 55 ones. And another thing I found out this week is ive got the 75 springs on anyway so even stiffer on the back end. Im just waiting for a reply from a Spax dealer now as to weather I can get just front shocks, cos they only sell em in sets and obviously I only need the front ones. Just need another break in the weather so I can get out and touch up the underseal and then the back end can be raised up with the stands under the axle. Heres the evidence
  9. Thats programmed into the ecu to hold the revs momentarily when changing gear. Apparently Ford cant trust us to change gear smoothly so they do it for us
  10. Next Rs Model

    youve probably already seen the concept
  11. Aftermarket Alloys

  12. sounds like a dvla balls up to me. If that was a cat b it would have been proper smacked up and youd be able to tell easily. I would contact DVLA and Vosa to organise something and try to figure out whats going on. Possibly your car was cloned and the cloned one smashed or you have the clone? Sorry thats worse case scenario. Dont mean to frighten ya. Either way tho if something is awry when youve dealt with Vosa and DVLA get the police involved. As the people that sold you the car will have some answering to do
  13. Next Rs Model

    Nope my industry insiders say were getting the Escort back because the Escorts have cult status in the UK, where the Focus doesnt. It'll be UK only, Euro will still be called Focus
  14. Next Rs Model

    the Escort is coming back in a few years to replace the Focus. New Escort Cossie anyone????..... Ill be first in the queue
  15. Help! Drivebelt Change Gone Wrong

    can you get a video?? Its a bit hard to diagnose without seeing it. Yes trying the old tensioner might be an idea. Ive had one on a mk1 focus replaced the lot and it vibrated like mad so put the new pulley on the old tensioner = fixed LOL