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  1. Bonnet Release Cable Snapped

    What ever you do, don't cut a hole in the grill. This is a really easy and straight forward job. Minimum tools and no swearing! I parked the car up on a kerb so I could get under it, then undid the bolts (10mm and 8mm) that hold the drip tray on. then push the whole tray towards the back of the car and it just pops off. Watch your eyes, it will be full of dirt. Then, lay on your back and look up through the gap. You can clearly see the lock mechanism. Unclip the sensor (a bit fiddly but makes it easier for the next bit). You will be able to see 2 x 10mm bolts either side, you can get to these easily with a small socket wrench and when undone, be careful because the lock cover will fall onto your face. Once the cover is off, you can see the catch lever at the bottom, flick it to the left and hey presto, bonnet open! Hope this helps, the comments above almost had me attacking the grill with a hacksaw blade!
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Stimmo :)