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  1. Bad Misfire Help!

    Thanks minkibiz
  2. Bad Misfire Help!

    I'm not sure how to add the pic??
  3. Bad Misfire Help!

    Hi there, Can anyone help I have a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.25 and it has a bad misfire, not too bad when driving but still there I have changed plugs cool pack and leads I have noticed that this rubber pipe I have photographed is always squashed in when engine is running and have no idea what it's for or where it goes. When I disconnect it from the white plastic piece I can feel air being sucked but as soon as I plug the rubber pipe back on it goes flat again as if there's too much air so I'm wondering if this is the issue? Thanks
  4. hi, wondering if anyone could help ihave a ford focus tddi which doesn't pick up speed very quickly and turbo also isn't kicking in. ive taken the turbo off and checked it all, seems all good and running freely so i took it to be put on diagnostics and its coming up with pedal control fault or something can any1 explain what this is what i need thanks
  5. Hi, I have a 1999 focus tddi 1.8 i recently replaced the gaskets as was running rough while doing this i removed the turbo to check was all okay and running freely which it was, put all back together and found that the turbo only kicks in each day on its first run but as soon as i slow down then pull away again theres no turbo pull.... I wouldnt no if it was like this before as i bought it needing the gaskets replaced and didnt feel like the turbo was pulling then especially as there was probably no air getting to the turbo anyway due to the gaskets. Ive noticed that theres plenty of air coming from the turbo, thru the pipe in2 the intercooler as the pipe expands but the other pipe from the other side of the intercooler doesnt expand...didnt know if this may be the problem or whether this wouldnt affect it? there also seems to be a sensor on the side of the intercooler, ive unplugged this when the car is running and nothing changes but then again, i wouldnt no if this is supposed to make any change lol Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    and it does run very slow, doubt i would outrun a push bike lol
  7. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    ive just had another check and realised that both the metal hoses which come off the intercooler seem to be working ok (1 blowing in air the other taking out) but i pulled off the sensor which plugs into the side of the intercooler and nothing changed. Not sure if this is supposed to make a difference or not? There is oil getting into the turbo as i changed the banjo bolt yesterday as it was broken and the turbo does run freely, also the air is getting into the intercooler. Its quite slow at revving up aswell. I think it does get up hills ok but havnt really had it on the road long enough to see the turbo is the same as this one- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-focus-turbo-unit-ddti-18-diesel-/310656684160?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item485494d080 I dont no when it was last serviced etc Thanks
  8. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    theres no smoke and no lights on dash board it just seems 2 be driving without the turbo thanks
  9. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    hi i recently bought a ford focus tddi 1.8 which seems like the turbo isnt kicking in. Ive taken the turbo off and seems to run freely, put it back on but is still lacking turbo power....feels like its running completely without the turbo but theres no lights on dashboard and no smoke. It revs fine, starts first time but just cant pick up speed very well and cant here the turbo spin. Can anyone suggest any faults? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know what the wire is for on the air box? has a larger plug on the end and cant find out where its supposed to go lol thanks
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums dave198823 :)