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  1. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    Direction(Management) 02 garages ford yesterday then suitcase with the software IDS but the impossible to integrate(join) and to collect the information of origin!!! Strange but I think that they did not know well enough the possibilities of the software. They were very cool when même. - I try to find a person knowing perfectly the software and using him(it) regularly.
  2. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    I am has the search a person possessing the IDS software to have access to HEC so possible coach not possible with FDS of loader
  3. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    No software happens to erase errors. So this week stint at Ford because the module does not respond, so he stays on despite the different software used
  4. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    I try this solution this afternoon.
  5. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    HEC in the AWD box is not check. Should I check knowing that I have a 2x4 and not 4x4? Putting the as built of my friends wrong t it injects its VIN???
  6. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    with FF2 and elmconfig I do not manage to reset the IPC module do you know the solfware FOCOM Apparently it would be the most appropriate????
  7. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    no communication with IPC module is faulty. Even a colleague with a suitcase can not correct that the kuga is 4 * 4 * 4 instead of 2. I was looking for a solution contnue
  8. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    ok I'll try to recheck and record and see if it unlocks the module on elmconfig on FDS i don't know
  9. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    DDS isn t check on FDS but only on elmconfig
  10. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    impossible to click on load or save left, is this normal?
  11. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    I put my original built, I found that everything is delivered as the original except that both lights are still there. On the software elmconfig DDS is always checked and ford, he is not??? weird still same error elmconfig and impossible to erase.
  12. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    I managed to have my as built VIN request with my motorcraftservice.com. I save in text format What should I do now?
  13. Esp And Abs Indicator Lights

    software installation and after reading it gives these impressions screens below. Sorry I hid some data because I do not know if this is exploitable by dishonest persons outside the site. I think you understand me. What to do now to read this?? I did not backup?? can you give me the procedure to save before eventual change that seems fair. thank you for your interest in my mechanical problem
  14. Hello to all equipment for information: I have a ford kuga 4x2 2.0TDCi 2008 here is my problem: after checking by mistake elmconfig in BCM configuration box kuga 0:4 x2 drive, and DDS error message on the dashboard and appearance ESP and ABS warning light on permanently No backup made I have a suavegarde another kuga a friend the same but the rewriting does not work. 0 kuga box is not checked in reading. 3 error messages in DTC: C276, E0 --- C2769, U0102 --- E0, E0 What do you think? sorry but my english is not perfect