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  1. Anyone else having issues whilst tuning into am. Never had a problem in any other car i have owned getting reception for stations such as talksport and 5live. But the fiesta is a nightmare. Loads of interference. Even when out of town its poor. Fm seems to be no problem. Any ideas?
  2. Howdy All

    New to the forum!! Thought i had better join after months of browsing the topics!!
  3. Service Headloss

    Hi All -Newbie here so please be gentle!!!! Recently bought a 61 plate 1.2 zetec fiesta (nice car) with 997 miles on the clock. Bought it from the car people who serviced it at that mileage when i bought it. They stamped the service book etc -so far so good. Now I do a fair few miles and around the august time its gonna hit the magic 12.5k miles mark. I spoke to Ford to enquire what service it would need etc - they couldn't give an answer! Now in the past with my previous cars (none bought new or nearly new) I took them to a trusted garage who always did a good job (not the cheapest) but on a service did exactly that - replaced all fluids (coolant, oil, brake if needed), replaced filters, plugs and a good look over the car. Now I would prefer this type of service every 10k (like on all my previous cars) and after perusal it seems ford do the bare minimum. The garage I use is part of the good garage scheme, vat registered and uses original parts Would this invalidate my warranty using this garage? Or have fords dealership got me by the proverbials? Cheers Damian
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