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  1. 52 plate 1.8tdci.ghia Estate.had it 9 months now,did a bit on it when I first got it bought, cambelt kit,oil and all filters,front/rear discs and pads and a full set of crap tyres as i dont do many miles due to health issues and it needed rubber :-),done 6000 in it,it's now showing 103k and delighted is the word,still amazed at the mpg,lovely for long trips................Oh, and straight through test 6 months in :-) not had that for years.. 1. seeing above post .. only downtime i've had was when investigating a small coolant leak, thermostat housing had cracked,3 day wait for the part at local ford dealer,seems a common problem. 2. mines an estate and as previously mentioned,the harness on the rear door into the roof gets brittle and breaks/shorts..I soldered in a new section of wires and wrapped them well,all works for now. 3. Drivers armrest stuck in up position, quite common,i just obtained a replacement easy job,just dont lean on the armrest to reach in the back,stuff like that snaps the pawl inside.
  2. I've just been out and taped it up with the reliable duck-tape,with the split been after the meter wouldn't a split there make some difference ? it's running fine,no drop in mpg ?
  3. Been doing a bit of under bonnet cleaning what with the weather been decent :-)..I've a 2002 18tdci and noticed the air intake hose has a split in after the meter ? this is the part i believe.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130881293097?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 got a 400 mile trip to do thurs so,considering i dont really know how long it's been split,it seems to be running fine ? will i be ok to go as the new pipe will be fri/sat.sorry for been a tad thick
  4. The dealer had to put a new battery on the day before i picked it up if that counts, I'll have to brim the tank next time and check it properly, thanks for the reply B)
  5. update... had it a week now,changed cambelt,oil and filter and all discs and pads and had a nice long round trip to newcastle, reset all the computer thingy , and did the 230 mile up and down the A1 at a steady 65/70mph in very light traffic (belt hadnt been done at that time but the trip was urgent), average mpg was 62.8 mpg :D , just how accurate is the average readout ?. Ian.
  6. Thanks Preee, here's a photo, the arm will move approx 1" backwards or forwards cant fathom out how its clipped on. cheers Ian.
  7. Hi,just bought the car and the only fault i can find is the drivers armrest is stuck vertical,no movement either way and cant see any obvious latch etc to take it off ,anyone know a fix ?. cheers Ian ps, Actually quite chuffed that this is the only fault found on an 02 car :-) ,
  8. Ian from w/york's just picked up this TDCi ghia estate after 12 months in an mx5 ​ , 1st impressions excellent. Now to scan the "how to sections" cheers. Ian.