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  1. Hid's Void Warranty?

    Thanks for the replys! Everything fitted to the car is Is done by a professional and I don't see why adding HIDS could kill the BCMI? Thebulbd use the same amount of power as a normal bulb it's just stepped up by the ballast. All I've had is problems since I bought the car to be honest. In march it will be two years old and it's already had a new clutch, cracked rear lights and a fault with the stereo
  2. Hid's Void Warranty?

    So I went into my local for dealership to get a DTC code checked out (C401_64). They told me that my BCMI unit is damaged and will need replacing. It should be under warranty but they are telling me that because I have HID's in my warrenty is void. Has anyone else heard this rubbish before?
  3. Who Will Remap My Mk3 Zetec S

    The lenses have loads of little cracks all over them, I went into Evan Halshaw Ford and they replaced the units but not like for like (I has the led ones and they replaced with non-led) I complained so they put my cracked ones back on and said they can't give me replacements they also said I caused the cracks because I changed a reverse bulb. So I still have the cracked ones on and I don't know what I can do about it
  4. Who Will Remap My Mk3 Zetec S

    Hmm I guess I'll have to have a good think about what I want to do then. Thanks for the help though fellas. Any of you know how long the warranty is on the rear light units?
  5. Who Will Remap My Mk3 Zetec S

    What is it if it's not a fault? What type/make of tuning box would you recommend? I'll check that one out in Leeds, only down the road from me
  6. My Focus Titanium <3

    Looking good so far, keep up the good work
  7. Who Will Remap My Mk3 Zetec S

    That's what I've been told, but I don't understand why they won't do it still? I'm getting C401_64 I've tried to google it and I can't find anything
  8. Who Will Remap My Mk3 Zetec S

    Struggling to find a decent dealer who will remap my mk3 1.6 td Zetec s. Has anyone had their car done?? Does anyone know much about DTC codes?
  9. Zetec S Modification Update, Enjoy :-D

    10% window tints 6000K hids All white LEDS including reversing lights 18" diamond gloss black alloys Black and blue DMB overlays Blue rim gators. Still to come Smoked rear lights Remap Lower it about 40mm or more Debadge it
  10. As if stands so far, let me know what you all think good or bad, thanks :-)
  11. Do You Like My Centre Console?

    I did this in my previous focus but I also upgraded the stereo
  12. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    These are my stupidly bright reverse lights
  13. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    These are my overlays, I need to find some caliper paint to match this blue. If any of you ford lovers can can send me a link to a decent exhaust tip it would be much appreciated
  14. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    Nah I didn't paint the wheels I bought these black.. For some reason my model doesn't come with a exhaust tip and my exhaust is on the left, I assume yours is on the right. Where did you get your overlays from?