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  1. Okay guys, one of my headlights has just gone so I thought i'd pick your brains at some decent replacements instead of the dull yellow standards I can get at the garage :P eBay links would be welcome if you have any ideas :) Mk1 Focus for those that don't know :D Are LED's the way to go? Xenon? Bright white? Thanks :D
  2. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    Thanks dude :) Different eh? ;)
  3. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    Here's some pictures I took after work today in the gorgeous British June weather :D
  4. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    squishable is definitely a nice word ;) They should shove it in the dictionary ;) I did tidy up the silicone around it though and found a matte black liquid gasket seal stuff. Might try that first and see how it looks before I shove the whole new rubber sheet in there :) No harm in trying :) Should look good when i'm done with it :P
  5. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    Just bought 300mm x 300mm sheet of the gasket stuff :) Will let you know how it goes with pictures of course :D :D
  6. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    Well when I bought the car, the hole was already there. The previous owner had an old Nokia hands free kit installed with its own aerial. So I thought I may as well shove an aerial in there instead of getting it filled :) I reckon with a bit of love and advice I can get it looking nice :) It's different. I've never seen it done before - maybe there's a reason for that but no harm in trying :D
  7. Real Sharkfin Aerial Fitted To Mk1 Focus. Advice?

    Would something like this do it do you think? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NITRILE-5MM-THICK-200-X-250-SHEET-OIL-RESISTANT-BLACK-RUBBER-GASKET-MATERIAL-/261233546427?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3cd2bb94bb
  8. Okay guys. Need some advice. I just fitted an actual working amplified shark fin aerial to my MK1 focus (Not the fake decoration ones) So drilled the hole just in front of the bulkhead and got it done up as tight as possible. I used clear silicone in around the hole and applied a thin bead underneath the aerial just to completely seal it. However, the aerial doesn't sit 100% with the curve of the roof like I hoped but still looks good. There are just tiny 2-4mm gaps on the sides along the middle of the aerial. I filled these with more clear silicone (stupidly) and now it looks hideous. Any advice how I can sort this? Is there any way I can seal it but keep the bodywork looking tidy? :D Need to pick your brains :P
  9. Photoshop Request

    how did you get the lowered look? haha looks good :D
  10. Blue Illuminated Headlight Switch

    That gear knob is pretty smart - comes on whenever the ignition is on then i'm assuming :) eBay? :)
  11. Photoshop Please

    patience ;)
  12. Photoshop Please

    sounds lush :P
  13. Photoshop Please

    You're welcome! Personally, i like it in green ;);)
  14. Photoshop Request

    i attempted this... it didn't go too well haha.
  15. Photoshop Please

    Photoshop sills aren't amazing but had a crack at this for you :) Does this help at all? :)