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  1. Hi.  

    I have just seen youre briliant research about retrofit a xenon on a focus 2008-2010. 

    I am about to find out about my focus titanium is equipped with the wires and connectors, to leveling sensors ect. the problem is, that i can't see the pictures youre have uploaded in the link

    I would ask if youre stll got the pictures? 

    / Christian 



  2. Then you don't need to cut your bumper to put it above the fogs, maybe a small hole behind the DRL to hide the cables
  3. Yup I had my clutch on my focus replaced around 25k miles or something like that IIRC, it was making a whooping grinding sound, i had a nightmare of a time with Ford and my warranty company in the end cost came out of my pocket Yours is petrol though so may be different, mine is a 2010 Focus 1.6 TDCI
  4. :D Whenever your ready I'm game. BTW can you link me to the DRL's I'm curious how they are mounted
  5. It's not so bad TBH I done the holes on my bumper for the washer jets and it was even close to anything to get a clear measurement lol, the good thing is you've for your fog lights to use as a reference point. You can mask off the area and draw some vertical lines using a level and then measure up from the top of your fog lights and do the same on the other side, doesn't matter too much where it ends up as long as they match up. It also depends on the DRL design too if they are surface mounted or designed to be flush, if you ever consider it again I'd be willing to help :D
  6. James if your brave enough mate you could slice the bumper in the same position as face lift mondeo DRL extra work but with some masking tape and numerous triple check I'm sure you could get it maybe an inch above the fog lights
  7. Is it possible at all to get any video or audio of the sound? When is it making a sound? Turning or going straight. Braking or flowing? Any particular speeds? Any info might help identify the problem no matter how small. bmw m3 and m4 have a grinding sound sometimes when moving forward or reversing caused by dirt and bits of pebbles getting stuck or wedged up between the brake caliper shield/covers. I would assume he had a good look while changing the pads but it's worth having a complete look and clean of the brake area of any dirt oil or debris. Also check the rear brake shields/covers and check they are not bent or deformed. Jack the car up put it on axle stands without the wheels get the wheels spinning and test your brakes if the sounds happen with wheels off.. take care if doing this though
  8. I will try and dig up something James, crappy near miss drivers are so common that I don't even bother saving the vids anymore lol
  9. Alex I will be watching it on tv too while at the track on NowTV lol. I'm going in on a general admission ticket as it is truly expensive as you've said, I have learned with any general admission ticket the trick is to get in super early before the crowd and get well settled in establishing ones space as close to the track as possible. Totally agree on the engine sounds, some people are suggesting buying ear plugs, I'm not too sure about that As if the ticket cost wasn't bad enough it's £50 quid for a Sunday day parking permit
  10. Who's going? Surely someone here other than me is going the great British Grand Prix This is my first time visiting Silverstone and I would very much appreciate any tips from people attending or have been before, rather stupidly I got excited and parted my money before doing some research and finding out local farmers and schools rent out parking at a much cheaper rate Much rather driving my Focus than parting another £30 per person by train from Euston London on some 4 hour something train journey! Time to see our boys Jenson and Lewis, I will definitely be wearing my £30 quid McLaren Honda hat and waving my Union Jack all day long Drop your name on the list if your attending! 1. Kurt 2. 3. 4.
  11. Insurance is a major ripoff. I understand your trouble. A friend of mine got his insurance canceled because he told them he had a water fire extinguisher in his van. Apparently a bottle of water isn't covered
  12. Of course it did that's how these things work I know the feeling
  13. I like the exhaust tip of the mk3 zs, it's actually sporty. The mk2.5 zs exhaust tip that ford calls sporty is so disappointing to look at lol
  14. Good job Lee neat install. Your usb bits will be in the post tomo morning
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