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  1. Look Who I Spotted!

    first mk7? :D
  2. wonder if he will ship to UK, im pretty tempted , would love that!
  3. Mileage when buying new

  4. New member, new car!

    damn! i bought the front lip off the zetec s kit for my titanium fiesta, couldnt understand how its never going to look like it fits, now i know! anyone want to buy it off me?
  5. i no this is going to sound stupid

    a rocker cover, no no-ones came with one
  6. Pic Request

    Can someone get me pics of a squeeze green mk7 titanium with the dress up pack on, or just the front bumper end of a squeeze with the zetec s front valance on? my valance came through and in no way does it look like it would fit to my mk7 titaniums front bumper
  7. Pic Request

    Strrrrange! theres about 40 little teeth along the top of the valance facing in, which can only look like they get peirced into the actual bumper? not overly keen on doing that.
  8. this is kerbing a 16" titanium alloy :(
  9. Ive really took a shining lately to the zetec s kit for our lovely fiestas, but as i own a 5 door titanium im unsure as to wether i can get the kit and get it to fit? and if i can will it look silly and out of place on a 5 door car? also anyone know were the best place would be to pick up the front splitter spoiler and side skirts at reasonable price? thanks jamie
  10. bit of advice/general opinion wanted.

    i picked up the part for £15 so ive made a considerable saving there so i cant see it being too costly compared to buying a brand new one at full price thats primered?
  11. bit of advice/general opinion wanted.

    ok just managed to secure myself the zetec s front valance/lip part, things in red though. will my local ford dealer respray this in squeeze for me and how much on average would this cost?
  12. Refuelling problem

    god im the same! fiddly as feck. takes a good few attempts to get it going
  13. Gel badge overlays

    haha yeah! i think i put up with them for 2 hours and then i had them off, to any squeeze owners out there... dont bother with the green/black badges
  14. Gel badge overlays

    and one of my heartbreakers :(
  15. Gel badge overlays

    Just fired my green and black ones onto my squeeze coloured fiesta, cant say the colour match is great, especially at the back but really pleased with the front! quality of the oval is a little to be asked about aswell but for £14 how can you argue. pics in a minute.
  16. What's the damage?

    Had my first knock as a driver and first knock in my new fiesta on saturday :( coming through a small village a van driver came over my side of the road forcing me wide and i clipped a sticking out kerb, totally ruined my upgraded alloy and now the cars pulling to the left and has a judder up through the steering, absolutely devastated! anyone know what kind of damage i could be looking at to the car apart from the obvious needing a new alloy? jamie
  17. My old Newww Fiesta

    Ive had it since xmas and havent really take much of a photo of it, hoovered it there and thought meh !Removed! it il blast a few photos. its an expensive toy, seeing as ive had 1 driving lesson so far in that time but planning on getting my finger out now, plans? lower it and put the zetec rear diffuser in it i thinks , any ideas for other bits and peices? its a 1.6 TDCI Titanium
  18. New Fiesta Rocker Cover

    Hi guys, new to the forum first post... Got a mk7 Fiesta Titanium 1.6tdci and wondered after opening my bonnet if theres a rocker cover gone missing in building or do they not come as standard in this model or the new fiesta at all? cheers Jamie