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  1. Tank Range.

    Now I'm getting some miles on the clock the economy is starting to get better. This is the first time I've seen over 700 miles tank range on the on-board computer.
  2. 2010 Rear Ford Emblem Badge Replacement

    I can recommend a black background, look good...
  3. Nice Clean Car.

    Took a quick snap while I was at my local model flying club as the car was clean. Not bad for a phone... ;)
  4. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    You're right, my exhaust is on the right. Got my overlays from here.
  5. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    Mine already has an exhaust tip by the way. I also fitted some of the Ford badge overlays, they look great don't they...
  6. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    That explains it then, I make do with my trusty tomtom,
  7. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    I'm liking the bigger screen in yours, must be a later model than mine...
  8. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    Not bad but how about this for a 2.0 auto?
  9. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    I'm curious how many miles do you get to a tank?
  10. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    Fit a 2.0 engine? :D
  11. I too am an eco champion according to the car as you might expect. The car computer is currently telling me I'm averaging 52 mpg and with a bit of maths... The 60 litre tank @ 4.55 l/g gives me 13.19 gallons and @ 52 mpg that's 685 miles to a tank. Like I said earlier I can get over 700 miles to a tank if I try and just how people are only getting 30-40 mpg I really don't know, not my idea of driving economically...
  12. Bigger more powerful engines aren't necessarily less economical if driven carefully. I never need to rev it much past 2000 rpm due to the increased torque.
  13. Interesting thread, I just thought I'd chip in at this point and say I can get 700 miles to a tank if I drive in full hypermiling mode but 600 plus is normal. Bear in mind that I have a 2.0 auto I think this is quite acceptable. I took a photo of last time I filled up for you to see the evidence. :)
  14. I've Arrived... :)

    Thanks for the kind welcome... :)
  15. Hello all, I currently drive a Focus Zetec S TDCi and it's my 7th Ford... Richard.