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  1. Offset Aftermarket Alloys

    just realised I signed into the wrong account!! this is my usual one lol. Question still applies though
  2. Good News About My Dpf

    Can someone directly link me to said bluetooth code reader wonder item? Preferably to the cheapest place. Or tell me the exact make abd model so i cant possibly get it wrong :-)
  3. Custom Rear Focus Diffuser

    Is the rs gloss black on the genuine rs grills etc flat black gloss or metallic???? I've had mine done in flat black and I'm not sure it looks quite right
  4. Wheel Offset

    hey guys anyone know what the recommended aftermarket wheel offset should be for a mk2.5? The wheels I want either come in et35 or et45. For some reason I thought the standard focus alloys offset was in the 50's so cant help thinking that et35 would push them out to far and close to the arches.
  5. Wheel Dilema X 2

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they don't do the 17 in gunmetal, its a limited edition only available in 18"!!
  6. Wheel Dilema X 2

    Hey guys, so i've pretty much decided on some wheels. They are Wolfrace Assassins. Now the 2 dilemmas im having are: 1: My focus is a facelift Sea Grey so I though that the gunmetal version of the above would like look really good but then the silver version would look clean and shiny. So which do you guys think would look best? 2: I had a lowered seat leon cupra that was lowered on an eibach spring kit and had 18s on and it was a very hard harsh ride but 18s looked great. Im currently really liking having a comfortable ride on the stock springs and stock 17" alloys. So do I buy the assassins in 17 or 18? heeeeeeeelp
  7. immensely helpful thanks bud, particularly the bit about bending that lower central flappy lug so the grill slots iin in the middle. Took a while but got there. The sad thing is, where the old grill was lower than the ST one and had obviously been rubbing on the paintwork, there is a 5" line of worn paint visible of the bumper in the middle so may have to get that looked at next as T-cut didn't fix it.
  8. Feels Like Loss Of Power...

    Mines the same, 2010 1.6 tdci. I'm paranoid that its a turbo problem so am going to get it checked, it's like the guts of the car disappear, maybe the turbo runs for a very short period...... Hopefully I'm wrong, I was spoiled before with a Leon Cupra tdi 150 and that was exceptionally quick compared to the focus (compared to a lot of cars actually) I was actually disappointed when I took my focus out for its first proper drive :(
  9. Mk 2.5 Gloss Black Grills

    £25 for the bonnet lip (body colour) and £60 for the upper and lower grill and fog surrounds (high gloss black)
  10. Mk 2.5 Gloss Black Grills

    i had a mk 4 golf in that colour, its lovely. thanks for pics folks, taking my bonnet lip to the sprayer tomorrow to get body coloured and as soon as it arrives, im taking my new ST grill and fog surrounds to get super glossed black. May take the lower grill at the same time but unsure if its a good idea to drive any distance with no lower grill to protect whats behind it
  11. Mk 2.5 Gloss Black Grills

    no wont be doing it myself, ive had bad experiences trying to spray grills with plastikote primer and halfrauds rattle cans so im going to leave it to the pros with the right primers and stuff for the job. Still havtn managed to find any pictures of black grills yet :(
  12. Mk 2.5 Gloss Black Grills

    Has anyone had there front grills (and rear diffuser) done in gloss black on there mk2.5 instead of leaving it as the standard grey plastic? Im looking at doing this to mine but wondered if anyone had any pics of theirs that have had it done? Im going to colour code the chrome bonnet lip and high gloss black the upper and lower front grills (zetec s) and fog light surrounds. Not too sure on the rear diffuser yet, may go black, may just look at something darker like graphite. Anyone?
  13. Mk2 Window Rattle

    On mine I thought it was coming from the seatbelt height adjuster
  14. The Interior Trim Rattle Thread

    I get the drivers side "window rattle" but I chalked it up to the seatbelt height adjuster by my head, not the window?
  15. Anyone Have Basic Photoshop Skills?

    I reckon your right, doesn't appear to be any photoshoppers on here so ill go with my original choice of colour matched