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    Tablet Car Holder For Fiesta 2013

    Do you guys have any pictures of your in car tablets? Thank you
  2. Hi, I would like to use my new Nexus 7 2013 in my ford fiesta. What tablet car holder / mount are you guys using? I thing the thing that would look better would be a CD Slot mount to give it some use :) but it would cover the radio controls but I think it's a minor issue. Thank you
  3. Hi guys, In some days I'll be the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta 2013! :-) I wasn't convinced by the integrated SatNav system because it would take me 2 months minimum to get the car and didn't know if it was good or not, so for 600€ extra I decided not to buy it. The alternatives: - GPS portable unit - Tablet with GPS (Nexus 7 came to mind) to use when needed with downloadable apps I'm not sure where to mount the gps / table yet but I don't want it to mark the windshield so I was thinking in a dash aproach. Anyone was experience with using a tablet for GPS vs a gps dedicated unit? Does the tablet sync with ford sync? Thank you
  4. I see, well in that case I can have the phone synched with the Ford Sync system and a nexus 7 un-synched. Can I sync a music playlist of the tablet with the ford sync system? Thank you
  5. Hum I see, like the Asus Padfone? What is the current cookie cutter tablet with phone + GPS? The ipad (mini) with 3gs?
  6. Thank you. How does the GPS from the tablet work? Is it accurate compared to a dedicated gps? I heard in some phones that they overheat extremely with GPS. Is that a problem with tablets? Is it possible then to have an app to receive phones calls in tablet while mantaining the gps working with a reduced sound volume?