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  1. Mk6.5 Sound System

    That seems alright then, might not have to look into door speakers for a while then :) I am kind of torn between the Fli and a Pioneer that looks good although it is a fair bit more expensive http://www.bassjunkies.com/car-audio-dab/bass-enclosures/bass-packages/pioneer-ts-wx304t-gm-3500t-bass-package (^I wouldn't necessarily get it from that place, just an idea of a base price and what the sub is like) Just a question regarding the wiring of the sub - Is it easy to wire up and keep it looking neat, especially with using the standard speakers? I don't really have much of an idea when it comes to the wiring side of things to be honest.
  2. Mk6.5 Sound System

    The original stereo isn't really an issue as I have the single piece one, not the 3 separate parts. (Ford 6000cd) I have had a look at a few Fli subs and they seem quite good, may have to look into them a bit more. I wouldn't really want anything ridiculously loud, just to make the music a bit better. I believe the door speakers are 5x7 so I should be able to replace them with some higher quality ones. I don't really know much about this kind of thing so I don't really know if 5x7s are any good. I don't really want to do anything major so I will try and avoid having to modify the doors if possible. I'll have to look into the Vibe plug, see what that's like. I've just had a look at your post and that sub that you've got is the one that I've been going towards when looking at Fli subs. If you don't mind me asking, how much did that cost so I can get some sort of expectation of what it's going to cost me? Thanks
  3. This is looking nice. I quite liked the 'S' badge on the front, gave it it's own look compared to others that you see You done anything to the inside of it?
  4. I've just signed up on here so this is my first post. I have a Mk6.5 fiesta and I want a new sound system in it just to make cruising around all the more fun. Anyone got any suggestions of good speakers or subs that I could look into. I was more going towards Kenwood as I already have an idea of the head unit that I want to get (Kenwood DPX-504u) although any suggestions would be appreciated. Not looking at doing any major changes to the car, just the small things that make it nicer to drive. Want to get this sound system upgraded first off and then I might look into making the interior nice so any suggestions of decent mods to make the small details nicer would also be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Alex.h.95 :)