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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I bought the car from a man working part time for a used car dealer. He says the car is his personal car, however he is not the registered keeper of that car as showing on the V5C document. He claimed the car was a trade-in from the previous ower. I bought the car from him and also gave my own car to him as part exchange. I have already received the new V5C from DVLA with my name on it. I am wondering if this trading can be defined as a private trading. We did not sign any formal contract, only signed a piece of paper showing the trading parties and car specification and price. There is no warranty mentioned in the paper we signed. I will get the garage to check the fault code
  2. Hi, I would really appreciate if someone can give me some advice on the Focus 1.6 LX petrol engine warning light issues. Basically, I have bought a second hand Ford Focus 1.6 LX (2005) two weeks ago. Only a few days later while I was driving at very low speed, the engine system fault warning light (the one with exclamation mark) turned on, but the engine was running normally. I stopped the car, turned it off then back on, the warning is off and everything seems normal. The second day, while I was reverse parking, the same thing happened again. Today I was driving at 30MPH, suddenly all the warning light on the dash board turned on for a few seconds then turned off, only left the engine system warning light and the engine warning light (the one in the engine shape) on. The car feels sluggish, seems like the accelerator is not working. So I stopped the car, turned it off then back on. However this time the engine warning light stays on, even though I can still drive it, I am afraid the engine will fail. The engine only got 53k on the meter. I am wandering if somebody has similar experience. Is this a serious issue? As I only bought this car for two weeks for £3500, do you think the seller should be responsible for this? The seller did a MOT the day before the trading, and no problem was revealed. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums ivepha :)