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  1. Wing Mirror Indicator Light Theft

    I know. The cover has been chipped too, as well as the mirror being shattered. I'm sure there is more damage that I may have missed. Anyone know how much i'm looking at to have it all replaced?
  2. Hello fellow Ford owner's, Some mindless idiot decided to damage and steal the indicator off my pride and joy in the middle of the night at 3am! When I heard a noise and footsteps running away, I leaped out of bed to see my mirror cover on the floor ... went out to pick it up and assumed it was a drunken idiot who must have stumbled into it. On closer inspection this morning, I found out that the indicator light had been stolen and the mirror was shuttered. These indicator lights are so cheap, around £11 ... I don't understand why somebody would do this. Is this something common? Or am just the subject of an unlucky theft?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Kiran :)

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      Thank you :)