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  1. Disconnect you battery and try jumping it again with the other motor. If you've got a duff battery you should notice the difference
  2. I got this from argos the other week Goodmans Not a JVC I no, but the sound is really good considering I have a standard system and its almost £20 cheaper. Also has the aux in port which I use on my iPhone. With this unit the only other thing you would need is the facia plate (the big thing from the pic in your second link) to make the unit fit correctly in the extra large hole left by the original system.
  3. Ive seen these and allen bolts used as locking nuts many times. Ive no idea where people get them though. As you say you wouldn't think it would be that easy
  4. You mean a torx bit like this?
  5. You mean a torx bit like this?
  6. As above, larger/closer pic req. The bad idle could also be a split air hose. With the engine running listen out for any sucking/swooshing sounds. Best heard with your head under the bonnent and giving it a little rev
  7. Nothing wrong with topping it up yourself. A big flat screwdriver or the flat end of a pry bar usually does the trick
  8. As I've said twice already... IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO JUMPSTART FORDS!!!
  9. Sounds like you've burst one of the plastic clips joining the rods to actuate the lock in the door. The door panel will need to be removed to see which has come undone. The reason why it was stiff in the first place is probably because of the lock mechanism. There's a spring that likes to fall out of it unfortunatly, so best to get this checked at the same time
  10. If the car has been repaired and the fault codes cleared they shouldn't reappear unless the repair hasn't been carried out correctly or the codes cleared correctly. Codes can reappear almost instanlty but can take as much as 30-40mins by the time the ecu can do a full systems check. The car must be running constantly for this amount of time To get into the DTC dash check press and hold the trip reset and turn the ignition on. Release when it starts the dial sweep. Keep pressing the trip reset untill it comes to the DTC screen (around 6 times)
  11. The fill plug will either be the reverse light switch or near it. It can be seen from looking under the vehicle about half way up. The drain plug is nearer the bottom (obviously) and is usually a hex key bolt. The oil is 75w-90 and gets filled untill it it level with the fill plug (about 2ltrs)
  12. The rotten eggs smell will be your cat. Thing is cats don't just fail. The missfire has probably caused it to fail and replacing your cat won't solve the problem. The missfire is probably caused by a faulty coil pack or the plug leads but you would usually get a wet plug on the failing cylinder. When the engine is missfiring pull a lead of one at a time. The engine should almost cut out if that cylinder is still firing (because it will only be running on at most 2 cylinders) If the engine doesn't change then you know that's the faulty cylinder.
  13. Sounds like an after market switch. Whatever it was used for has probaply been removed but the switch has been left to save a hole being in the dash. A picture would be helpfull
  14. Diesels create the vacuum for the assisted brakes in a completely different way to petrol engines so i would think diesels aren't effected
  15. Not sure on the vans but if it has got one it's likley to be at the bulkhead. Follow the coolant pipes and you should find it
  16. It's most likley the same sort of problem as the previous post. Another thing to check is the drain holes in the bottom of the door. These can sometimes get clogged up and cause rain water to fill up in the door trim. Give the door a shake and listen for water splashing about
  17. I find best way to do it is to take them off with a small flat screwdriver and use a pair of snips to put it back on
  18. The newest model of fiesta is the mk 7. Think it was available as early as a 58 plate possibly even 08? Think the mk5 fiesta was available as late as a 51 plate, so anything between it a mk6. Do a quick google image search for a mk5,6 and 7 fiesta and you will see there is a big difference between the 3.
  19. Its not advised to jumpstart any ford. It's rare but it can blow/fry modules in the ecu and other components
  20. It will flash up for a few seconds on the dash when you turn the key. It's orange, looks like a wire coiled up
  21. If it was my car I would be putting a new clutch in it. But then I don't have to pay for labour ;) If you do get a new one make sure you get the slave cylinder with the kit. Always advised to replace that with the clutch and bearing
  22. Hi and welcome. Anything you want to know just ask. Someone on here will be able to help you.
  23. Hi and welcome to the club. Getting the clutch done is going to be a back street garage job. Wouldn't take it to ford for that as they will charge you a fortune. As you say you can get a fob and key of eBay and get it cut, however it won't start the car or operate the remote central locking unless you get it programmed. It can somtimes be done without taking it to ford if the car hasn't been 'locked out' by ford. When you get your new key post back on here and I'll give you a guide
  24. All the info you need is right here... ECU Reset
  25. It's going to be based on the focus, like the puma to the fiesta or the cougar to the mondeo.
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