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  1. Help! Changing Interior Light Colours

    Definitely. I'll upload some tomorrow mate
  2. Help! Changing Interior Light Colours

    Got all the lights inside my car changed! Speedo is now blue and red too! Looks awesome
  3. Help! Changing Interior Light Colours

    Can anyone help me to disassemble the passenger side switch on the MK2 focus? I have no idea how to disassemble it further after poking the 2 holes on each side.. Hmm
  4. Help! Changing Interior Light Colours

    Thanks for the replies guys! I guess I'll just do the little things like switches, can I just change the LED to the existing resistor?
  5. Hi I'm interested in changing the LEDs inside the ford focus (MK2) such as the window switches, AC control knobs etc. just wondering anyone gone through with it before? Will need help taking apart/removing everything from the car, will be much appreciated! Looking to change to some nice blue interior.. Thank youuu
  6. Hi anyone from the West Yorkshire region willing to help for a subwoofer to a MK2 focus lx? (I will pay for someone to fit it in for me)
  7. Hi People!!

    Thanks a lot mate I really do appreciate that! :)
  8. Where Does This Wire Go? :/ Mk2 Focus

    Hmm thanks mate! I'll have to buy myself a battery booster - might be cheaper with a new battery tbh :L
  9. Where Does This Wire Go? :/ Mk2 Focus

    Okay thank you! i have done that howeve when I start my engine it makes a weird louse noise ad won't start, and also the dashboard lights/mileage meter all goes weird and when I click AC it won't work and makes car light go on and off, battery problem? Do I need to jump start?
  10. Where Does This Wire Go? :/ Mk2 Focus

    If it lights up does that mean it's wired up correctly?
  11. Hi People!!

    There's 3 wires behind the panel but 4 slots it's can go inside, one of the wires is brown and I'm guessing that goes inside the hearing screen one, but it won't fit inside, I'm pretty sure I took it out of there but havin problems Putting it back into it's slot :/
  12. Hi People!!

    Oh no worries! Thanks a lot anyway xD
  13. Hi People!!

    LOL you don't know what wires go where for this panel do you?
  14. Hi People!!

    I don't know how to put the wires back in or where :( and now the car doesn't start lol
  15. Hi People!!

    Hi thanks guys! Just ended up messing the car up when doing the interior cabin fiber :(