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  1. Jonson

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Mirror tilt on reverse would be awesome - it's about the only extra I could do with on mine.
  2. Got my 18000 mile service booked in for next weekend. This is 11 months after I picked the car up new. Just out of interest, the change oil soon warning came on at 17800 miles and 5% oil life. Reckon it would make it to 19000 miles before oil life zero....
  3. Jonson

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Are these figures calculated from fill ups or from the car computer? My car claims about 4 mpg higher than real.
  4. Jonson

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    I think the b&o has a woofer and tweeter in the rear rather than a coaxial, and a centre speaker and sub and presumably some sort of extra processing (software? ). Think the front woofer/tweeter are common.
  5. Jonson

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    I have always wondered if all the wiring is in place for the b&o sub even if you don't have it - might make plumbing in an aftermarket sub easier. ...?
  6. Jonson

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Won't it be using the duff car GPS though?
  7. Jonson

    Sync 3 Map Update Issue

    Doesn't the Ford faq say that if no log file is generated, try to run update again, system will recognise it has already been applied and generate a log file if there isn't one?
  8. Thanks - I was also rather surprised that it would do this when warmed up.
  9. Yep, after 40 miles/ 1 hour driving, 2018 fiesta, everything else fine exactly as you described.
  10. Just noticed mine doing the same in this weather (after 1hour+ driving) and was wondering the same as you - guess it's normal....?
  11. Jonson

    Mk8 gearchange

    I sometimes get quite a loud clonk when going in to or out of 2nd, but the actual gear lever action doesn't feel bad. Don't think it did this at new, not sure when it started. Was doing it during hot summer months too.
  12. Jonson

    Mountune induction pipes?

    Thanks, yep, got a K&N.
  13. I would like a little more induction and turbo noise on my 1.0 ecoboost - can anyone advise on the effect of the mountune primary / secondary / hardpipe - individually or in combination? I don't want to go stupidly loud, and will be keeping the original airbox. TIA
  14. Jonson

    Access to front fogs on Mk8 St line?

    Perfect! Thanks very much, I did google it but didn't find that video.
  15. The manual says that on the Stline and Vignale you use a screwdriver to prise off the surround to the front fogs and then you can remove the fixing screws to take the lamp out and change the bulb. I had a brief look at it and the black trim/surround doesn't want to come off easily - anyone done this and know the trick for removal without messing up the paint?