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  1. Does anyone have any experience of a Superchips (or similar) stage1 remap on the Mk8 140?
  2. Someone gave me a dent absolutely identical to the OP's - it's annoyingly noticeable because it's right on the body crease. I was thinking paintless dent removal if possible - would be interested to see how you get on. Anyone tried those DIY dent pulling kits?
  3. Thanks but I already do everything digitally and have for years. There are some circumstances when I fancy going retro and playing a physical disc (especially if it's something not available to stream, or my ripped copy isn't lossless.
  4. Hi, has anyone tried to retrofit the OEM glovebox cd player in a mk8 fiesta? You can buy the kit and it looks like it would be a doddle to mount the player, but in the kit description it says something along the lines of "an extra jumper cable may be required". So my question is: is it as simple as plugging in an existing cable that is already in place and everything just works? Can't be bothered if it's going to require dismantling dash bits to connect a new cable to the stereo. TIA
  5. The whole app is absolute garbage. For me the fuel report either never gave a result, or it was comically incorrect. And that's commuting 80 miles every day.
  6. Doh! In that case I've ordered the wrong one after all 🙄 I still don't remember mine having that spiral on it though.
  7. Thanks both, very helpful. I've gone for the non-spiral version, which the checker says does fit my model in this case.
  8. Thanks, doesn't look quite the same (dont think mine had the spiral feature on the outside?) and the model checker says it doesn't fit my vehicle...🤔
  9. Can anyone tell me the part number for the OEM dab aerial mast on a 2018 mk8 fiesta? Someone has pinched mine and I can't find it online. TIA
  10. I had similar - a really annoying creak on even slightly uneven ground that sounded like plastic on metal - didn't do it with the roof open, sometimes it was bad enough that I considered getting rid. Took me quite a while to track down the exact parts that were doing it (a particular bit of the moving frame on a stationary brace), sprayed it with PTFE and totally fixed it thank god.
  11. Mines be stuck with a reported 0mb map download for a while, even after installing the same thing a couple of times.
  12. What's the score with future official Ford updates if you do this?
  13. I meant upgrade from eg sync3 to sync 3.3.
  14. I didn't know this was possible - what exactly do you gain from the new firmware? I'd pay if it meant I could get the more up-to-date versions of Sync3 installed
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