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  1. Jonson

    Mk8 Hill start assist

    I was just thinking that mine never seems to actuate - not checked to see if it's turned itself off...
  2. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Thanks for that. I wonder if my old spare wheel is actually a slightly different design or off set.
  3. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    For future reference: It looks like more parts for the mk8 were added to the Fordparts site, here is the link for the spare wheel kit, which also helpfully gives a breakdown of each part: I got the bits I wanted and the bolt etc all fits fine. Strangely, when the foam tool holder is on the top of my wheel, the kit is slightly higher than the wheel well so the boot floor doesn't quite fit flush - is this the case with the factory supplied kit?
  4. Jonson

    MK8 Door Panel Squeak

    I've also got an issue with the panoramic roof - was silent for a couple of thousand miles, now creaks a lot with any body flex. Sometimes worse than others depending on temperature, also stops if roof fully open. To me it sounds like the frame of the glass roof on the metal of the body at the rear of the moving section. New thread for roof noises?
  5. Jonson

    Fiesta MK6 Air Con Question

    Hmmn, doesn't sound the same as mine then if its blowing cold when stationary.
  6. Jonson

    Fiesta MK6 Air Con Question

    Is it actually blowing cold? On my mk6 I had a fuse go on the cooling fan which meant that a/c was overheating and would trip off, cycling on/off like that. Would work ok when moving due to cooling air flow, but wasn't blowing cold when stationary, with compressor switching on/off.
  7. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Yes, indeed, could do that if it comes to it. Will continue investigating...
  8. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    No google success for that part though - except 1 hit on Polish ebay..... 🤔
  9. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    That's fantastic! Thank you very much indeed for your help!
  10. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Thanks for that! I have that part but it isn't long enough?? What size is your spare?
  11. Jonson

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Only comes up with the clip for securing the toolbox 😞
  12. Can anybody tell me which part number spare wheel retaining bolt I need for a mk8 fiesta? I am making a diy kit using the spare wheel from my previous car - I have 2 types of retaining bolts , neither of which fit because they are too short. ...? TIA, Jon
  13. Jonson

    MK8 fuel economy

    45 to 50 mpg in my 1.0 140 depending on how careful I'm being - that's on a 40 mile commute mostly dual carriage way, steady 60-70 mph.
  14. Jonson

    Sync 3 version 3

    That's weird, I've had no problems with the sat nav gps (touch wood). If it was a software issue you'd think it would apply to everyone with the same software. Dodgy GPS antenna??
  15. Jonson

    Mk8 Touchscreen Day/Night/Brightness?

    My understanding of the manual is that you can choose a light or dark background and brightness is controlled independently (manual or auto). I would prefer the dark background because it looks far less *****. If I select night mode, it changes colour scheme and goes dim. If I then select auto, the dark scheme remains but the brightness auto adjusts correctly as I would expect. However, following a power cycle it reverts to the light coloured scheme. Which makes me wonder if it is a bug.