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  1. I've Been Told That I'm A Car Hypochondriac, But...

    So it has been a few days, and everything seems ok. The coolant temperature isn't rising above 90 degrees any more (previously it had peaked at 98 during stop-start traffic, which is probably when it was leaking). I don't think the car has been neglected - It has a full service history, and only two owners before me, one being my Mum. I've only had it a couple of months, and it's not due for another service & MOT until October. Thanks to everyone for their help, no doubt I'll be back in the near future with other problems!
  2. I've Been Told That I'm A Car Hypochondriac, But...

    Ok, so I cleaned it up a bit this morning, and tried to wiggle the pipe up a bit, but it's as far as it will go unfortunately. I've bought a jubilee clip as was recommended by the guy at my local garage, which I'll try and fit tomorrow. However, I did clean a little bit of the engine this morning, and have since driven about 25 miles. The first picture is from right after I'd 'cleaned' it, and the second after I got back. Notice that there's a new layer of oily dirt underneath the 'Endura-E' bit. Is that coolant? It seems dry around the thermostat housing, so maybe not? The images are hosted here on imgur
  3. I've Been Told That I'm A Car Hypochondriac, But...

    Great, thanks! I'm about to pop out to Halfords to get some coolant now, and then tomorrow I'll clean it all up a bit, and do as Steelie600 suggested. I'll also check the oil seepage that you pointed out. The oil level is a couple of mm above the min mark on the dipstick, so I'll keep an eye on that over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can hold on to the car without any expensive repairs until the end of summer, when I can afford to swap to a Zetec-S :D
  4. I've Been Told That I'm A Car Hypochondriac, But...

    Thanks both of you! I've taken it to the garage down the road and the guy said exactly what Steelie600 said, that I'd be best doing it myself, and told me how.
  5. Hi! I recently bought a Mk5 Fiesta Flight from my parents as a first car. It's the crappy 1.3 Endura-E engine, but I got it fairly cheaply, so I can't complain. I bought it with 40k miles on the clock, and in the couple of months that I've had it, I've added another 3k. Thought I'd better check the oil today as I'm doing so many miles, and noticed that the engine coolant level is below the minimum mark (even when the engine is hot). Then I noticed what you can see in the images - it looks like some coolant has sprayed out? What do you think? Should I get it checked out at a garage? :/
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums ThomasWormald :)