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  1. Hi - no useful ideas on your issue but I have the same 1.6 tdci engine with I think the same injectors (the car is a SportVan with ~78 K - owned and serviced by me since new). I assume that you recovered and replaced the copper washer ? I have a similar leaking injector seal (at least that's what it looks like) on number three cylinder (counting from the left as you look a the front of the engine). Symptoms are a smell of diesel in the cabin (if cabin air recirculation is left at default off position) but also of smoke only at startup. There is a small increase in fuel consumption (now uses perhaps 5 mpg more than before) and of course a large amount of carbon around the injector which I spent Sunday cleaning off. The car (van :)) other wise performs well. It seems that removing the injector is not that easy - with everything disconnected and most carbon removed the injector would not move. I wondered if you had any issue removing the unit and if so how you did it - perhaps it just lifted out in your case ? Perhaps you used an injector puller and if so which one ? Steven
  2. Fuel Filter Replacement

    It seems from the conversation that I had with my local dealer (Foreman Ford in Borough Green nr Sevenoaks, Kent) that the hand primer is no longer present because the rubber tended to perish over time itself then causing problems. The way that things happen in the service department is very similar to the suggestion and what I did - apparently they keep a can of diesel to hand to get things going especially given the sealed nature of the filter (strange as it is possible to empty by undoing the screw in knob on the top of it and place a canister underneath to capture the contents). Hope this is at least vaguely helpful to others that may wish to replace a fuel filter on a diesel powered Ford Fiesta from 2007. Steven
  3. Fuel Filter Replacement

    Thanks again for the follow up. In fact I was unable to find such a thing anywhere on my vehicle (a 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TD since I think I may have neglected to put the year). I had replaced the fuel after carefully removing the old and putting the new one back in precisely the same way and thought nothing more of it - only realising when after carrying out the other interim service items that it would no longer start. What I did with help from this post was to attach a length of undersize silicon tube (for a tight fit) to the outlet (marked on the top and obviously going from the pump) on the filter and a turkey baster to the end of that with which I was able to draw the fuel into the filter and afterwards start the car after only a couple of cranks. To help things along I also used fuel that I had drawn into the baster to squirt a little diesel into the outlet pipe to get things going. Thanks you very much for the answer to my request for help - it really is much appreciated. When I ring the Ford dealer (with whom I am quite friendly) I will ask what they do and if there is a manual primer anywhere on my vehicle that I may have missed - obviously I will post the answer back here. Thanks again Gaz, Steven
  4. Fuel Filter Replacement

    Gaz - really appreciate the response. The SportVan is really just a 1.6 TD Fiesta - do you know what these primer's look like by any chance ? Sorry if I appear stupid.
  5. Fuel Filter Replacement

    I have a Ford Fiesta 1.6 Diesel Sportvan (2007 model year fo reference) which has just covered 30,000 miles. I have just replaced the fuel pump filter (a large plastic box!). Unfortunately it will now not start. I assume that there is an air lock of some description as despite turning over a few times and turning the ignition on for a period also several times I am unable to detect any sign of fuel. I have undone the little black plug on the top of the plastic filter box and seen fuel go through but after doing it back up the car will still not start (assume now that this is a drain plug ?). Is there anyone who knows the process of priming the filter that can offer any advice please ? I could not find a Haynes manual for this model year (typically :)) or a recognisable manual pump in the engine compartment. Many thanks in advance, Steven