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  1. Someone Hit My Car

    ah that sucks dude, I recently caught a car while reversing out at the top of my road, I told the bloke he went through insurance and I have lost all my no claims bonus and have to announce a claim on my policy even though im not claiming and my insurance went from 500 quid to 1200 quid, a lot I know if only I didn't tell them..... but if the shoe was on the other foot id be the same
  2. Hi all not really a new member as I have been active on the focus forum a bit but I have never really introduced myself my name is dan I'm 23 and I live in Norfolk at the moment I'm currently in the armed forces and love life at the moment I'm married for 3 months. I currently drive and own a 2010 ford focus zetec climate my first ford bought it Feb 2013 for 7k mint condition and 24k on the clock only had 1 service stamp, currently in the past year and a half I have owned it I have done a 'few' upgrades these are: Full zetec s kit including rear spoiler Triple R composites splitter Genuine ford St alloy wheels St upper grill with zunsport mesh Rally flaps Zetec s pedal set Painted front callipers Rossi red and rear drums matt black Fitted St upper front strut brace focus rs cosworth group a air filter with ram air air feed and rose motorsport red hose joiner Debadged rear Led numberplate lights rear Gloss black bonnet lip, fog surrounds and lower grill Team heko wind deflectors Custom made longlife exhaust all opinions welcome and I might begin a build thread of what I have left to do even tho its 80% there comments and criticism welcome also if anyone has any ideas give me a shout I have included a few pictures below the first one is when I bought it
  3. 18 Inch Alloys On Standard Focus Mk 2.5 Help

    Cheers all put them on and went full lock no problems awesome
  4. 18 Inch Alloys On Standard Focus Mk 2.5 Help

    Yh I was told that I would need a steering rack limiter for a non ford rim and any larger tyres
  5. Hi yes it is the same design only the airbox lid is tho its interchangeable with the rs
  6. Hi all I'm fairly new to this new to posting anyway mainly browse info is great thanks, anyway I have genuine focus St alloys 18 inch on my focus mk2.5 zetec with 20mm spacers on all round my question is if I remove the spacers will I have any issues with weeks rubbing or anything any help much appreciated the tyre size is 225/40/18 as well if that is any help and all suspension is standard
  7. Has anyone got any pictures of these fitted to their car I'm having trouble securing them correctly thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Bailes90 :)