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  1. Hi all My driver side powered wingmirror has stopped working. It was intermittently not working for a a couple of days but now it seems to have died. It's a MK3. The blind spot detection, indicator and mirror itself still work, it just doesn't open/close when locking/unlocking. It also has no resistance when opening it and can be easily be pushed passed its full open point. I've got a feeling someone has damaged it but can't be sure. I've called a couple of local garages who said they've never dealt with this before but would have a look, which doesn't fill me with much confidence so I may have to go to a dealer. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, what could it be and how much did it cost to fix? Thanks 😀
  2. Feedback/complaint emailed to @MalmaisonHotels for how unbelievably difficult it is to book a table! #saturdaymoan

  3. Today had been day 1 of my diet, I can live without food but no alcohol is going to hurt!

  4. Why is my courtyard a !Removed! tip! @Aliciamckenna @gilliancleugh @TonyCleugh who is responsible!

  5. Not sure its meant to do this! http://t.co/sXQM72TuRV

  6. The sun in shining and I'm still in bed! Might go get my car cleaned ready for tomorrows road trip. :-)

  7. Sad times, hope they know they are canny but I understand :-(

  8. Quite chuffed with today :-)

  9. Lots of new members and petitions signed this week for Durham uni #livingwage campaign! @UNISONinHE #joinunison #strengthinnumbers

  10. Premium Fuel

    I did and it returned no results. I did it on my mobile though so not sure if that searches differently. Thanks for the link :-)
  11. Premium Fuel

    I've searched for similar topics but can't find any. What do you guys think of premium fuel such as shell v-power nitro+? My focus does state minimum 95 RON as far as I can tell shell vpower is 99RON. is it worth it? Not sure if I'd get more MPG but mainly for the detergents to help keep the engine clean. My new focus has only done 15k so don't imagine it being that dirty anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts. :-) Paul
  12. Low Battery Warning

    Stop start now works perfectly since the battery was fully charged! I asked about the engine fan and he said it wasn't anything to worry about as its related to the air con. However I was just sitting in the car setting up various voice controls, I turned the engine on so not to use the battery for about 10 min and the fan came on when I got out and the engine was warm but I'm sure this is normal. The fan went off after 1 min and I had not used the aircon.
  13. Is there a mistake on your website? 12 month one plan only gets you 2gb data yet the 1 month one is all you can eat?? @ThreeUK

  14. Low Battery Warning

    Only just noticed that video, sorry! Thanks for that though, quit einteresting. Its only done it a cuple of times since and it lasts about 50 seconds, so I'm not worried. As for the low battery I called the dealer and said I need it charged, I'd do it but its hard to get my car near me house. They insisted I brought it in to do it all for me, they also said they change the ford badge on the boot that is all cracked for free too! :) Happy days