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  1. Happy Birthday ungary!

  2. Alloy Wheel.

    A wheel like this.
  3. Alloy Wheel.

    It's just the standard one I have on my car now that I need
  4. I'm looking for an alloy wheel for my focus mk2 titanium. Size is 205 55 r16. Would need one with a tyre so that I can use it while I repair the kerbing on my wheels.
  5. I don't need a whole new gearbox though I only need the bell housing. Ford don't seek it seperate anymore.
  6. Yeah I got three piece clutch kit New and clutch second hand. £388 for the parts. I looked around on line. The gearbox cost me £210 including vat and delivery.
  7. Ok. The gearbox I purchased had to be sent back as the starter motor won't fit. Apparently I have a 2bolt cmax starter motor on my car. Currently trying to track down a bell housing or get mine fixed. Then the focus can be repaired and I'm trading her in unfortunately. Will be sad to see her go.
  8. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    Have u got the gearbox to sell still mate. Think mine maybe nakered along with my shattered clutch
  9. Interior Light

    They certainly do. Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  10. Interior Light

    Yeah I think I have ordered some 42mm ones. I have replaced my sidelight bulbs with bright white led ones. Though I am having some trouble with the left hand side one but nothing I can't sort. Changed my number plate bulbs so they look so much better. Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  11. Interior Light

    So I need to change the interior lights that I bought from red to white. I can't remember the festoon bulb sizes for the front and rear interior lights. Also I need to get some bright white less for my foot well lights too. Any ideas? Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  12. My Mk2 Focus Titanium

    Sorry iPad wouldn't let me load pics I'm working on getting them uploaded as soon as Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  13. My Mk2 Focus Titanium

    So this is a complete topic on all the mods and changes I have currently carried out on my 08 mk2 focus titanium.
  14. newbie

    Motor looks nice mate. Did u spray the front fog surrounds yourself or was that done previously. I want to do that to mine