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  1. Hi

    Someone has also suggeted resetting the trip to see if that has any effect. Might give that a go too.
  2. Hi

    Hi Thanks for the feeback. I have tried to work this out myself (with a little help from my dad) his worked it out to be a lot higher than what i am getting. I do tend to do a lot of driving around town and traffic is also a problem however I am on a visit to my grandparents this weekend - motorway driving for a change. I am going to see how it gets on with that. If not i have a number for someone at the Ford Service Centre, i will have it checked out if i still think there isnt something quite right i will book it in. If any one else has any experience with this all feedback is appreciated. At this rate, although its nice and shiney it's getting the same milage as my 2003 Fiesta LX. Not at all what i expected.
  3. Hi

    Hi all My names Lauren and I need a little bit of help. I have always had a ford since i started driving. I have recently bought a 2010 Fiesta Titanium 1.6 and I love it to pieces, amazing to drive, comfortable and looks the part. However I am a little concerend that I am not getting my moneys worth of miles for the petrol. The petrol prices have dropped around London, finally and i can usually get 3/4 of a tank for £30. However this gets me around 170 odd miles and i thought this was pretty good until i spoke to my Dad who thinks i should be getting more than that. I filled the tank up today, for £40 which I thought was great, until i looked at the trip computer and realised it's estimated i should only get 288 miles out of a full tank. I am not sure thisi right. Can any one help me? Thanks :)
  4. Anyone have any idea how many miles I should be getting out of a 2010 1.6 Titanium on a full tank of petrol?

    1. b1g_dav3


      Erm, well depending on your driving and where you drive, anywhere from 32 - 46mpg really so can vary a good deal, 300 - 420 miles on a tank, closer to 380 - 400 I'd say

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums laurenb :)