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  1. BeccaaCat

    Newbie Mods

    What is it with blokes always trying to give us their hand me downs? :p
  2. BeccaaCat

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron

    That is absolutely amazing might have to add it to my Xmas list!
  3. BeccaaCat

    Need Help For More Power!!!

    Mine aren't ridiculous lol, my car sounds completely standard (except the exhaust) but you definitely notice the high end power... it's like vtech kicking in on a Honda
  4. BeccaaCat

    Need Help For More Power!!!

    Just upgraded air intake and a remap. Definitely NOT higher lift cams if you want it to pull lol, all my power kicks in after 6500rpm so not much good at the lower ends
  5. BeccaaCat

    Need Help For More Power!!!

    Was with the car when I bought it but would have cost me I think it was £1000 on 0% finance. Went to get it done and they told me I already had it lol
  6. BeccaaCat

    Need Help For More Power!!!

    My 4 year old ford fiesta started out with 120psi and now has 155. It has a dual intake air feed, K&N air filter, high lift cams, full exhaust system and a remap. And I think that's it :) Just do little things lol but do them properly :p Edit. I lie. She's 5 years now :)
  7. BeccaaCat

    Oil Cap Left Off While Driving

    You're lucky Took mine to Snetterton, halfway through the day we topped up the oil, my OH gets in and starts the engine next thing we know there's **** loads of smoke pouring out from the engine bay (obviously engine temp was very high!) and he'd left the cap off -_- No harm done lol but yeah that will be a pain to clean off again
  8. .... jealous. No helpful comments to add
  9. BeccaaCat


    Go straight to 3M and they can point you in the direction of a qualified wrapper. Or even talk to your local ford dealership, you'll find a lot of them have body shops or at least can give you a contact for someone who can do it. Again it protects the paintwork lol. You get a respray and after 4 years you'll have stone chips etc in the paint, unfortunately nothing will stay perfect! My OH's car is 2 years old and has scratches/paint chips etc already. You pay like an extra £100 to get the door seals done etc The RS500's are wrapped and I think they look pretty good! With cars you get what you pay for. You want cheap then you'll get a cheap looking job.
  10. BeccaaCat


    Most vinyl wraps last around 4 years if you drive it every day and 3M offer a 7 year warranty with theirs. I'd always say go for a vinyl as a) if you get sick of it you can just take it off (so can the person you eventually sell it to) b) it's cheaper c) it protects the paintwork underneath from stone chips and the like
  11. BeccaaCat

    New Focus

    45mpg is better than what I'm getting now lol! I drive from reading - slough and back every day during the week. Most days I take the motorway but sometimes take back roads when traffic is bad. Also do a lot of running around picking littlun up etc. What I don't like about my OH's is everything is just so big and clunky :/ The steering is heavy, the clutch is heavy, the gearbox is clunky try as I might I just can't get used to it! :|
  12. BeccaaCat

    New Focus

    The face lift out next year lol The closest is obviously the most recent model, think it's a 2L diesel?
  13. BeccaaCat

    New Focus

    So the time has come that the OH has decided I need to move on from my car -_- The plan is to keep it so he can use it as a track car, he will sell his car and get a mustang and he wants me (seeing a pattern here??) to have the new focus diesel as a family car. Now I really don't want a focus but I can see his logic. I'm doing roughly 30,000 miles a year and basically destroying my car so I need something else lol. Basically wanted to know if anyone has the focus diesel and what they think of it? My OH currently has the focus ST but as he's so eager to get rid of it and not pass it on to be I'm a bit sceptical!
  14. BeccaaCat

    Zetec S Body Kit Too Low?

    Nico mine is scraped to pieces
  15. BeccaaCat

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron

    Haha OH explained last night! Of course he's nearly worthy; he's beautiful, Thor is beautiful, it makes perfect sense ;)