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  1. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Found it ... Sunglasses holder thread , all credit to les for it http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/13082-mk7-fiesta-interior-light-with-sunglasses-holder/page-4
  2. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Still ere mate! It's not too bad to fit but you gotta be careful.. You do need to do a bit of cutting . First I took the black 'back box' and light unit out of the sunglasses holder so you just have the grey plastic surround , next I took the old unit out of the headlining . Then I slid the front of the mondeo unit in place (think I had to open the front clips a bit) it needs to go as far forward as possible but be careful as i pushed a bit too hard and slightly creased my headlining. Once I'd got that far then I just measured how far back I needed to cut and marked it on the headlining. Be really careful when cutting as I had a loom taped right where the cuts go so have a feel about in there before you do. The sunglasses end is a real tight fit as the headlining is too thick so it also needed a bit of the foam backing trimming down . If you don't trim enough off you can't clip the backbox back on the interior unit . Hope that kinda makes sense and good luck . I think there was a great fiesta guide on here somewhere but I can't find it now
  3. Headlight Wiring

    Not sure but could you use a piggyback fuse on the acc fuse? See preee's guide on fitting drl's for the location . Costs me £2.50 from eBay to get one to power up my drl's . They come on as soon as I press the start button even if I don't actually start the engine , seems like the acc also has a delay which is kinda nice as they stay on for a few seconds after switching the ignition off.
  4. Legal Info On Drl's

    Cheers , might have a go at that . Will have to mock something up in photoshop to see how it would look . Also thinking of painting the calliper s but not sure what colour will go best , kinda thinking white maybe on the calliper s?
  5. Legal Info On Drl's

    Yep Hk mate though eBay . They took about 8 days to come so not too bad . Another thing to mention is that where the wiring comes out of the back of the drl , there's a plastic p-clip that holds the wires . I had to take the p-clip off as there was not enough room in the bumper to house it so it was pushing the drl s away from the bumper.
  6. Cheers Paul , sometimes wish i'd gone for silver after seeing how good yours looks ! and vision blue is a swine to paint match as i'm just finding out ... stupidly scratched the rear wheel arch right down to metal couple of weeks back :(
  7. Legal Info On Drl's

    Wiring diagram I knocked up for mine
  8. Legal Info On Drl's

    Just fitted some to mine that look the same . The controller had 4 wires . fused red - to + on battery , black to ground or (-) on battery . orange ACC wire (this turns drls on with ignition) which should go to a piggyback fuse as in preee's guide and a white wire which taps into sidelight to dim the DRL's when you switch your lights on. If there like mine its worth checking the seal is ok on the alloy part of the DRL , I noticed the front lens on mine wasn't quite sealed to the alloy part so its worth bunging abit of extra silicone sealant on. Pleased with how its turned out :)
  9. Cheers for the great guide preee , got mine fitted today . Not received my piggyback fuse yet so its not properly wired up to the acc yet .
  10. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    'ere you go mate , Almost done apart from I need to change the power wire to the lcd . its currently tapped in to a thin yellow/green wire on the back of the head unit . waiting for a piggyback fuse to come so I can wire it properly to the acc .
  11. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Got the rear cam fitted and wired up , works really well . Made a bit of a boob with the front cam lol! , fortunately I tested it before fitting and realised I bought a rear cam for the front so everything was back to front and no option on the lcd to reverse the image. So if your fitting a front cam look out for ones that say non-mirror. Oh we'll , egr valve plate and drl fog surrounds came today so got something else to play with this weekend :)
  12. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Cheers brig , will follow those routing instructions . Stoney's right , I'm also going to mount a camera in the front grill and there's a grommet I need to go through behind the glovebox area
  13. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Thanks again for the guide brig and the nice comment. it was a bit wafty cutting the roof lining! yep , hoping that once I get the cam cable through the boot door that I can somehow drag it across the roof lining to the screen . Not sure how i'm going to route the cable front the front one yet though as I don't know where the bulkhead grommets are
  14. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Thanks very much mate , pretty chuffed with it so far and sunglasses still fit.. bonus! . LCD has 2 inputs so am going to mount a front cam in the lower grille if all goes well . i'm a noob at this here and don't want to hijack brigante's great thread on the cam install so will hopefully have a go at doing a guide when its all sorted .
  15. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    Great guide brigante , Just received my rear cam and hope to follow your guide this weekend . Bought a 3.5 inch lcd screen to view it on . Have pulled that to pieces already and fitted it into a mondeo sunglasses holder . doesn't look to bad so far :)