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  1. Fiesta 2006 Ghia 1.4

    Thanks for the reply, sometimes I literally just lift my foot the tiniest bit for a bite and others seems like a normal clutch, other times it just feels way to easy going into 3rd? Not to sure the coilpack has fixed the stutter now either, possibly take the coilpack back out and put old one back in and e place the maf?
  2. Fiesta 2006 Ghia 1.4

    Ok follow up I have changed the coilpack today drove it around 15mile appears misfire and lagging is away.. Now to the gear sticking problem?
  3. Fiesta 2006 Ghia 1.4

    Hey folks new to the forum owned a few fords, this is now my second fiesta that seems like it is going to bite the dirt.. Got the car last week. First off gear shift felt tight but I was use to a Leon thought nothing of it so then wife had the car three days ago drove literally 10miles and I had a phone call, I can't get the car into gear.. Ok left the car to mechanic he changed the linkage cables. Having done that the tightness has gone although still having the putting the car into gear problem. Mechanic reckons it is either master or slave..? Now I drove the car tonight got 1.5 mile up the road loss of power literally felt like I was pushing the exelaratpr but was like I was slowing down,,. Also the little light shaped engine like flicked on like the car was almost going to stall but flicked off and car drove ok again back home? Would appreciate input folks,
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums body-sculpt@live.co.uk :)