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  1. Aarron90

    What Date Did It Become 95Ps

    do you know a date though? because mine was registered 2nd of march 2010 so not sure if it is or not. thanks
  2. Aarron90

    centre cap size please

    did anyone ever find out the correct size? thanks aarron
  3. Aarron90

    Dpf Question

    Apperently they didn't fit the dpf on the 90ps version only on the 95ps, so not sure if mine is or not, how will I find out do you know? thanks aarron
  4. hi can anyone tell me what date the zetec s became 95ps? thanks
  5. Hi Neil. Its goings into 'limp' mode by the sound of things. Best thing to do is get it to a garage and get them to scan it for any codes that may have been saved. Or the only other suggestion I got that may sort the problem, (if you have any knowledge of mechanics, not meaning to sound disrespectful) is to get a new set of glow plugs and try replacing them. That would be the cheaper option. Aarron :)
  6. Aarron90

    Fiesta 56 Gear Problem

    Hi Sebastian When the engine is off does it go into gear easy? How low is the biting point on the clutch and does it do it any other gear? Thanks Aarron :)
  7. Hi everyone, just a quick query. My brother has a 61 plate zetec s, as were I only have the 10 plate zetec s, I've heard a lot about DPFs, and I'm unsure as to whether I have one or not. I know he does because its after March 2010, but not sure if mine does. No websites give any good ideas so I'll tell a bit more. Mine has the streetpack wheels and apparently they stopped them just before the 95ps engine came out, but then mine was registered 02 03 2010, and apparently in march they changed so im unsure as to whether I do, is there a way to tell or can someone tell me outright just for by the info given. If you need anymore info I can try help. Thanks very much guys :)
  8. Aarron90


    1400?!?!?! wish your partners mum could've helped me 3 years back! lol! :)
  9. Aarron90


    Those mods sound sweet! Like someone already said, whats the insurance like on that?! As I remember my first car, (standard ford fiesta 1997) cost me £3,500 to insure and it was only a 1.3 and that was only 3 years ago!! Lol. Got any pictures? Am very interested to see :)
  10. Aarron90

    Newbie Hello

    Hello Jon. What a lovely car! Would love to own something like this! :)
  11. Aarron90

    Newbie :) Hey All!

    Just purchased my second ford, had a little ford fiesta 1997! Strong lovely car, went to a fiat (not a bad desicion but not great :/ lol) so now gone back to ford. Purchased a ford fiesta zetec s diesel! And I'm in love. Just looking to meet other ford lovers :). Here's a pic :D
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Aarron90 :)

    1. Aarron90


      Thank you steve :)