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  1. Help Car Stolen

    thnks folks not much hope seeing it again so going to look for another now
  2. FOC Age group Poll!

    much too old to say ok am 49 and feel it got some old bikes etc tht get mi back to my youth ah still look 17 untill i take my helmet off lol
  3. Go Faster Stripes On Cars That Really Shouldn't

    some motors look good with stripes and some dont lol
  4. Help Car Stolen

    a month now since it got stolen no news at all......many thnks to a forum member who kindly put a link up in a magazine though at least its getting a wider range of audience now ... insurance company value it at 6500 the engineer said he knows everything about these cars and he has one i asked would you sell yours for 6500 he didnt reply they said id get market value for it i had to send links to simlar cars advertised which ive done just waiting now for their reply
  5. Wired A Push Button But Boot Still Wont Open...

    ive done a few m8 it should have a single wire to the boot lid push button on the tailgate just cut the wire and join some speaker wire to both the pieces of cut wire get a push button 2 wire switch not 4 wire and simply connect the speaker wires to your 2 wire push button and hey presto simples as the meerkat says
  6. Wired A Push Button But Boot Still Wont Open...

    what is it your trying to do is the electric boot catch gone one the boot lid
  7. Help Car Stolen

    thanks for your replies chaps
  8. Help Car Stolen

    thnks m8 i suppose it could be anywhere its over a week on now not heard anything police wouldnt even come out and fingerprint the reg plate i found its annoying im guessing im not going to see it now
  9. Help Car Stolen

    im hoping so m8 looking unlikely now its put me off owning a classic motor now and the fact you cant trust folk like you used to ive put extra security on my motorbike though its made me paranoid someones going to pinch that now
  10. Help Car Stolen

    no news on my escort insurance have asked for all my documents and keys makes it sound like they dont think its going to turn up i made it clear i want it back if it turns up got an email asking what i value it at thing is what do you value a classic at you cant put sentinental value on something its only 3 previous keepers and one of them was me years ago as my first car the main reason i bought it back 67000 miles is all its done im still hoping on its return its just !Removed! me off this whole thing you cant have anything without someone pinching it and thing is ill not find another like it what would you guys do in valueing it appologies on going on about it but im steaming
  11. Help Car Stolen

    not on facebook m8 might get on but last time i got hounded by someone
  12. Help Car Stolen

    your rite what you say anyone whos into escorts knows surely its going to be hard hiding it im hoping it turns up or it was a local lout that wanted a lift home and just dumped it somewhere
  13. Help Car Stolen

    another photo it had 1300e badges on but wernt on recently it did look like a 1300e ah suppose wings wheels vinyl roof
  14. Help Car Stolen

    thnks for your replies prob miles away now but mite turn up one way or the other id recognise the shell anywhere as ive had it stripped for over 12 years got some bits tht you know like the back of your hand if you know what i mean
  15. Help Car Stolen

    thnks m8 ill sort some out and put some on it is the one in my avatar