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  1. Gearbox Oil Leak On 1998-2004 Focus

    Update.. I cleaned the major places that was messy and driven for a couple of days. Today I had a chnce to put it up a ramp. It's not the power steering :) , its the end of the gear box that's covered with a black metal cap. Any idea how much this would cost? It's the end bit in pic 4.
  2. Gearbox Oil Leak On 1998-2004 Focus

    The power steering fluid is red. I am getting a steam cleaner today and will update on where its coming from.
  3. Gearbox Oil Leak On 1998-2004 Focus

    Just had a look inside the black box and there is no leak from there. What are the chances of power steering fluid making a mess like this? There was an advisory on the mot that the power steering ram is seeping. Also I just checked the power steering fluid and its loosing some.
  4. Gearbox Oil Leak On 1998-2004 Focus

    thank you for your response flying clutchman. I too feel as if it is coming from somewhere behind that black box! Any idea how much damage this would do to my pocket? The gear shift is still smooth though..
  5. Gearbox Oil Leak On 1998-2004 Focus

    Hi artscot79, Yeah, it is not the drive shaft seal. I can't locate where it starts from as it seems to be starting from somewhere on the top of the gearbox!
  6. Hi All, Just got a focus mk1 and noticed few drops of oil on the drive. Had a look underneath the car and the underside of the car is full of oil :( Please help!! not sure where its coming from, I assume its transmission fluid as its red. I have taken some pictures, pls have a look. Any ideas on how much it would cost to fix will be helpful. The car has only done 35k miles.. thank you all in advance.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums hotsugar3x :)