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  1. Dab Problem?

    Thanks all It seemed to be ok the next day, I guess it just needed a little rest :)
  2. Dab Problem?

    Hello I switched on my car this evening and found that the DAB radio wasn't working. I couldn't change the DAB channel and no sound at all. Played my USB no problem and bluetooth connection to phone all ok. I didn't actually check FM as was in a hurry. Anyone else experience this issue? It's he Sony unit, non Sat Nav. Fiesta Titanium
  3. Aha! Thank you. It was blowing a gale so I didn't open the door lol That explains it.
  4. Hi all Just taken delivery of my new Ford Fiesta Titanium. So far, loving it. However, I notice that the radio does not switch on automatically when the ignition is turned on. I have to turn it on manually. Also, when the ignition is turned off, the radio does not go off automatically, it needs to be turned off manually. Is this normal behaviour? I can't find anything in the owners manual about it. Cheers Ian
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Boggsy :)