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  1. After Much Await.....

    The way i tested if they had power was to borrow a bulb from the boot courtesy light an plug that in, have a look on the guides section, theres some pictures of where the holders will be if it has them
  2. Random Dashboard Beeping?

    I dont have one connected but ive just noticed there is no seatbelt warning light even if the seat belt is unplugged (should there be?), it still has standard belts fitted but im not sure if the connectors are in the right plugs any idea of where they should be?
  3. Random Dashboard Beeping?

    Ive just bought a 2005 mk2 focus to which the previous owner has fitted aftermarket seats and i keep getting a random beeping noise from the dashboard every few mins but not accompanied by any warning lights. Strangely the beeping only happens the first 45 mins of driving and then stops. Could this be something to do with the standard seat wiring not being connected? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Jon-lee :)