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  1. Clive, OK thanks, it is a 2006 Fiesta. I'll take a closer look tomorrow. Just wondered why the garage left the cable and plug dangling in the glove compartment, perhaps they did not know there was a recommended place for it ?. Thanks, Phil.
  2. Where abouts on the centre console ?. I did not see any spare holes or marks where a hole could be drilled ?. Near the gearstick there is a cigarette lighter and the other side has a place for a cup. There is space next to the air in / out button or the air con on/off button ?. Only had the car a week. Phil.
  3. Thomas, Thanks , I'll make up something to be able to fix the round socket into the square hole. I'll probably do some drilling and filing with a piece of plastic to fit over the square hole. I just thought for a moment we had the wrong lead and socket fitted at the garage. Thanks again, Phil.
  4. Just had an aux. lead fitted to back of audio system, the end of the cable has a black round about 2.0 cm diameter socket with hole in middle for the 3.5mm jack. At moment the cable is loose in the glove compartment. I cannot see how it will fit into the larger square cut out in the glove compartment ?. Is there an adaptor plate missing ?. If this square cut out is not for the 3.5mm plug, what is it for ?. Thanks, Phil. Apparently the square hole is designed for a passenger airbag deactivation switch. I made the round female socket fit in the larger the square hole, used an old credit card, drilled and cut a 22mm hole in half the credit card and cut to fit as a backplate. Then cut a 20mm hole in the other half of the credit card and cut to fit as a front plate. Front plate took a bit of persuading over the front lip of the aux. socket. All OK so far. I did not feel like drilling another hole near the gear stick. Thanks for all help and advice. Phil.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums linsphilg :)