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  1. Happy Birthday BLUEOVAL09!

  2. Squeeking Front Wheel

    Assuming you have the mk 7, it was a ford service recall. Had the same problem on mine and it's the brake pads glazing, all they do is take the pads out and rub the surface down with emery cloth to remove the glaze then refit them. Seems to have cured mine (fingers crossed!)
  3. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    Panther Black looks the nuts but can be a pig to keep clean, when it's been clay barred and polished it looks outstanding tho (i've got a black titanium by the way ;-p)
  4. New Fiesta Titanium Ordered!

    Sounds pukka mate, should get mine this weekend, black titanium 3dr tdci with all the bits, like a kid in a sweet shop at the mo 
  5. What Oil For 2.2 Tdci

    I ran shell helix fully synthetic high performance diesel oil (believe it was 10w 40) from october last year until having a service at the dealers in march without any problems (I have a 2.0 tdci 130), always use a genuine filter though as the difference in cost is negligable and oe filters are supposed to perform better than generic ones
  6. Apparently it won't have any negative effect on a diesel engine as the emissions don't really warrant an egr system, although i'm not sure how true this is. I did look into the pros and cons before fitting it and decided it was worth doing, its been on since about mid october last year and i've done about 7500 miles with it fitted and had no problems at all, and it was fine on emissions at mot time (too clean to give a readout on the test machine), think the legal limit is something like 3.57% and mine was less than 0.5% so up to now i'm well happy with it, have kept the original part though just in case, you never know with all the sensors and things on modern engines
  7. thats the one, i paid about £65, but it's well worth the money as the parts are really well made, its even got a connector for a boost gauge if you want to fit one, although i haven't bothered. If you look inside the original valve it'll have a rod running across from the vacuum unit to the valve plate, this can 'upset' the airflow, the replacement unit has a smooth bore so it gives a better, cleaner flow (a bit like the effect polishing and porting a metal manifold has). It is a fair bit of outlay, but in my opinion its well worth it, also try fitting a k&n or similar direct replacement panel filter, i paid about £46 from sca race & rally in norwich, but you can probably find them on ebay a bit cheaper, hope this helps B)
  8. It's exactly the same design as mine by the looks of it, i've got an 05 plate with the euro 3 and its made a marked difference. using a plain blanking plate is ok, but i fitted the proper replacement to mine as then you do get a cleaner, uninterrupted airflow to the engine by removing the actuator rod that runs from the vacuum unit on the side to the valve itself, its also advisable to whip the manifold off and give it a thorough clean as this gets just as manky as the valve. I used brake & clutch cleaner (2 tins) when i done mine although any degreaser should work fine, together with an alloy wheel brush to get right inside the manifold B)
  9. Performance / Economy Chip

    My local main dealer (pertwee & back in gt. yarmouth) reckons they were fitted from 2000 on but i googled dpf and it said standard fit from early 06 and a retro fit option prior to that, dealer didn't seem to know for sure either way though and said mine had one (05 plate 2.0 tdci 130), one thing he did say was that the dpf needs servicing at 37500 miles and replacing at 75000 miles at a cost of £660+ vat & labour, apparently there's a fault code displayed if its not replaced and it's an mot failure so theres no option but to have the work done, but i think he may have been trying to worry me into booking the car in, hope this helps ;)
  10. Performance / Economy Chip

    cheers for the warning, i've done a bit of research into the tuning box i've fitted, spoke to a couple of tuners i know through work and marshalling and also my local ford dealership and they've all said that with the emissions readout i got at mot (tester had to fault the machine as the engine was running too clean to give a reading) i should have no problem with the DPF, didn't think they were fitted until early 06 so never gave it a thought before, thanks again mate B)
  11. Performance / Economy Chip

    I fitted a dynamic diesels unit to my mk3 2.0 130 about a month before xmas and its been no trouble at all, it works by altering the fuel supply pressure in the commonrail and has 10 different settings, i've found level 4 is about the best setting as its upped the power noticably but its also returning better mpg (about 46.2 urban & 55 on a run), it's also literally a 10 minute job to fit so theres no garage bills to fork out for. I paid about £68 on ebay, and think it was well worth the money, just make sure you read all the info available on whichever one you go for as like mintalkin says, some just fool the ECU into thinking the engines cold and that can end up leading to problems with overfueling and going into the dreaded 'limp home' mode! hope this helps :)
  12. tyre ware

    Apparently mondeo diesels are notorious for wearing fronts quickly, i'm running pirelli p6000s at the mo, they're a medium hard compound so they grip well but also last ok too (had 14k out of mine so far), you could also try changing the front and rears every 6 months or so to even the wear out, that helps a bit quote name='skfmondeo' date='31 January 2010 - 08:32 PM' timestamp='1264969354' post='62740'] I have a 2008 mondeo TDCI 140 titanium on 18's and it has done a set of front tyres in 9000 miles, is this normal for a MK4? the tyres were conti's so not cheap tyres and i know it is not my driving style as my other car has done 30000 miles on a set of tyres Any help will be greatly recieved
  13. try ebay, type in ford mondeo 2.2 tdci bypass valve, should find one no problem. I've got the 2.0 tdci 130 and the valve was clogged, fitted the bypass valve and it's run like new ever since, and it stops the chuff of black smoke when you put your foot down, other than a K&N filter it's the best money i've spent on my car B)
  14. Replacement discs and pads

    I had EBC drilled & grooved discs on my last car coupled with EBC green stuff (i think, though may have been red stuff) fast road/track pads, the discs were faultless as the drilling was only about 2mm deep, they're done like this to disperse the gasses produced under braking and help stop brake fade, even done a track day on them without any excessive wear, going to do the same on my mondy once the brakes get a bit low, i'd personally recommend them to anyone, hope this helps you :)
  15. EGR Clean

    Had the same problem with my 05 plate 2.0 130 last year, took the egr & manifold off and cleaned them with brake cleaner and all was well for a few weeks then got the same thing happening. replaced the egr valve completely with a part i found on ebay thats completely smooth inside so the air flow is now much better, also put a K&N air filter in, that made a world of difference, a silicone intercooler hose (not cheap but well worth it as its reinforced and much stronger)and i've just had it chipped, the upshot is at the M.O.T last week the tester had to fault the smoke test machine as the engine was running too clean to give a reading, it's also now returning 46.1 mpg urban & 55.7 on a run :D