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  1. probs with service

    Cheers Gaz, Found fuel filter day after posting and found oil filter from your description. When you say warm engine and let oil drain naturally does that mean you don't need a vacuum pump.
  2. probs with service

    Just got my first ford and very pleased so far - early days though. have tried to do service - filters and oil change but only got as far as removing top and bottom trays. it's a 2lit focus 2005 durotorq tdci estate. need a bit of advice - 1. sump plug - is this half way up side and if so do you need a pump or something to drain engine 2. when removing air filter can this damage sensor 3. are fuel and oil filters obvious cause from the limited view i got coundn't see 4. do haynes have workshop manual for this type yet cause cant seem to find one hope someone has some advice for me that will save me running to a garage. cheers