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  1. Clutch Ajustment

    Pumping the pedal makes no difference.
  2. Clutch Ajustment

    Thanks for post. Before total failure absolutely no sign of any clutch problems and no hydraulic leaks. Problem developed over a few days until total failure. I had a new master cylinder so I fitted it (what a pig to fit) with no difference. Bled the system and no change. Looks like slave cylinder is possibly screwed.
  3. Clutch Ajustment

    How would you describe the issue I am now having? Started with difficulty in engaging gears now and again. Very quickly became an issue with all gears. I am now unable to drive the vehicle. If I try to start the car with a gear engaged, the car will lurch forward. So clutch totally inoperative. I never experienced any clutch slip or drag.
  4. Clutch Ajustment

    I also started to experience similar problem. Gradually got worse. Replaced clutch master cylinder with no improvement, now no gear is possible to engage. Researched the problem and looks like clutch slave cylinder is the problem. Major DIY project, and very expensive garage repair due to labour time involved. Could just be your linkage is a bit stiff. Can you engage gears when engine is off? If not, it could be the linkage just needing some cleaning and lubrication. Otherwise it could be the slave cylinder.