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  1. Hi, my friend was involved in an rear end accident in his Ford focus 68 plate.on impact both the front seats fully reclined causing him to lose this a safety feature or a fault with the seats ? Thanks Kevin
  2. Gooner124


    ST LINE X 2017 2.0 turbo auto black petrol with a few added extras
  3. Ive lost the radio code for my radio and when the battery hade to be changed I need the code to get it up and running again. Can anybody help .?
  4. Hi guys, I having a problem with my Ipod when connecting it to my car ( mondeo titanium x 2011 ) when I connect using the usb and phono imputs it works fine all controls on steering wheel but when turn the engine off for more than about 5 mins I have to unplug the phono connection and then plug it back in to get any sound. This is when im using the ipod touch but it works fine when I use the ipod Nano only problem is the sound quality is not as good, if anyone has had this problem before and found the solution I would be very grateful. Thanks for reading my cry for help. Kevin
  5. Hi, I have a mondeo titanium x sport 240 bhp with powershift an I get about 26mpg urban and around 37mpg on longer runs and I dont hang around, I think you need to let is settle down for a while. Good luck. Kevin.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Gooner124 :)