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  1. Is there no way of getting it out with out lowering the engine? That's not something I would want to start doing!
  2. Cheers BOF, belt ordered for tomorrow and an alternator too. How difficult is an alternator and belt change on your drive? Is it an easy job or does half the engine have to come out to get access to it?
  3. Sorry the car has been used everyday since I changed the alternator in August 2013, and it was changed because the one that was on it was original and gave up. And the problem only started yesterday.
  4. Hi everyone, After some help please. We replaced our altenator on our 2004 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI, and yesterday we had another problem... The battery light came on and the readings on the trip computer and mileage reading cahnged to dashes like this - - - - I stopped the car and turned it off for a few mins. When I turned it back over there was a screech noise as it started up and the digital displays were OK and the battery light went off. I then made it about another 800 meters and the battery light came back on. I decided to return home and stopped the engine again. Left it for 20 mins came back turned it over and again another screech when it turned over and the light went out. I have left it over night, went to get in it this morning and it wouldn't unlock by the key fob. Got in put the key in the ignition and NOTHING, not one light, not anything. Not even interior light will come on it is completely DEAD! I am a bit worried that this may be something more than an alternator issue as obviously something has either drained the battery completely overnight or there is a further issue. Any ideas, or help greatly appreciated!!!
  5. George is right!! Get the leak off test done!! The problem was the 4th injector was FUBAR'd!! Replaced and everything runs like clockwork now! The code kept coming back as the Fuel inlet metering valve even after changing it. So the code does not always mean that is what is wrong! Steesh, a local garage charged me £30 for the leak off test! But getting the injector changed getting them recoded, the EGR cleaned out, a new fuel filter (as it had a cheapy one in there so changed for a BOSCH one) and labour cost me £440!!! Plus the £189 for replacing the metering valve for no fookin reason Still problem noe solved and its a dream to drive now!!!
  6. Thanks guys, a mate had a code reader, looks like the Fuel Pump Inlet Metering Valve has caused the fault. WIll replace that and see what happens. And gonna get a blanking plate for the EGR as have read a lot about the EGR causing problems. WIll keep you guys informed if changing the valve solves the problem :-)
  7. Private sale, sold as seen! Also there was no knocking for the 200 mile trip home! Would they just go that quick?
  8. Hi everyone. I have just bought a 54 plate Mondeo 2litre diesel. Drove it the 200 mile trip home from Northampton with no problems whatsoever. Next morning we drove about a mile then when we accelerated it made a slight judder and the glowplug light started flashing. The turbo then did not cut in so acceleration was slow. However if I stop, turn the engine off, then restart it the light goes out and all is fine. That is until we get to over 2k revs then it happens again. Any ideas as to what would be causing it? It is also starting to sound a little rough (a ticking noise like badly adjusted tappets). Thanks in advance.
  9. Just dropped in to say Hi. My name is Neil and we Just purchased our first Mondeo 2004 on a 54 plate 2 litre diesel. Has developed a problem the day after buying it (!Removed! typical). WIll post it in the relevant section if anyone with good knowledge of Mondeo diesel engines could help. Cheers
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums MondeoNeil :)