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  1. Now back from my holiday and sun stripe fitted not a bad attempt if I say so myself, also got a few goodies coming this week ready to smash into quite a few jobs I need to get done!
  2. Wait until you get the 2R file on the car 😉 it’s insane! I cannot wait to get x47 hybrid on mine the maxd guys know how to map a car
  3. Haha thanks, I work on a gas terminal and work 12 hour shifts and tend to do 60-120hours overtime a month so there’s the money lol a lot of time spent at work lol no so the plan with the looks is the get some more parts gloss black externally like the rear diffuser, and the wiper arm, may look at wing mirrors if it’s not to much hassle no carbon this time to expensive and time consuming and want to keep it very clean and stealthy so not many would know what lying under the hood. Removing the painted engine and fuse box cover for a stock set up, also had to remove the bonnet lifter kit due to getting a strut brace and you can’t fit both so looking at other design for the bonnet lifter It will be a daily driver but track toy eventually with x47R turbo and a decent lsd and clutch, full interior for functionality no cages etc just strut bracing underneath maybe looking at 16inch wheels, need to remove the mud flaps as I don’t like them and then go from there 🙂 plenty of plans plenty to do, plenty of parts on the car already that need replacing although already changed from stock they are not the best you can buy so I want to change them for the better gear
  4. Couple little things added and arrived New sun strip for the local tuner and group I’m involved with throttle body spacer shifter base bushes shifter mount bushes new gear knob (stock one is ***** and messed up and cheaper to get a Si Co one instead) new paint modz aerial fitted fixed the rust patches myself not a bad fix but will get it re-sprayed professionally if I ever sold the car it won’t rust anymore and it’s covered for future protection don’t worry the colour difference is only due to me cleaning the local area before rubbing down and painting also new catch cans for both PCV systems a must on any DFI engine, just waiting on new hoses and clips in case I break the ones on the car atm as I’d be stuffed with no being able to secure them
  5. She cleans up well, needs a proper orbital polish and cut to get rid of swirls and found some horrible bumper rash on the rear quarters so paint touch ups required to sort this before rust sets in for the mean time it’s got 3 coats of wax to stop it oxidising for a couple of days
  6. Not a massive update today but new lights all round, ceuk led dipped and fogs alone with hi beam and chrome indicators but going to get the same super bright led indicators as I had on the RS also changed the number plate lights, all interior lights, fitted a Tune+ oil breather oil cap same as the rs one I had to stop crankcase pressure building and release pressure from the stock pcv system so less oil in the intake, also fitted a NB styling bonnet lifter not to happy with the bonnet gaps but will adjust when I have time done the reverse bulbs to leds as well, fitted a throttle pedal spacer so I can heal and toe again make so mad down shifts happen not really too much else to report, for both catch cans coming to fit next week some time and a short colour coded Ariel from paint modz and that’s all for now.. will see where this one takes us
  7. Yes it does sounds insane I have some videos I need to upload, it’s like a go kart nothing I’ve driven before, tbh I think it’s a better drive than the RS was strong words I know As always needs must yes, had fast cars had to make a sacrifice to get on the property ladder but once we are on we are on! And I can have some fun in this! 🙂 You will see some sooner than you think....... 😉 plans and parts incoming
  8. Well I’m back again 😂🤣 so what’s happened after selling the RS in early Feb I bought a golf gtd had that for 6 weeks bought a house (finally) and then got really bored diesel power quickly, sold the golf and just used my family van for a few months and yesterday I bagged myself this little fiesta ST180 a few mods have already been done (saves me time and money) ITG induction kit, R sport crossover, larger inlet elbow on turbo, GFB recirc (to be changed for a forge unit), pro alloy big mount intercooler (again to be changed for a an airtec stage 3 unit), some nice gram lite alloys, Mountune lower springs, power-flex rear spring cups, cobra exhaust with decat, Mountune mud flaps, Mountune front splitter, and the most important one Maxd stage 2R remap with crackle over run making 245bhp and 400nm - quick car to say the least! Toke me by surprise so here’s some photos I’ll get more when I can and when I clean it (of course) and if you’ve followed my previous modified car threads/projects you’ll know this won’t be left alone 😂
  9. Got this one Saw it advertised on Facebook on Wednesday and two days without a car done my head in using the van we have to lug stuff about it, was cheaper than any others I found, hpi clear decent spec. Heated seats to keep her happy and manual so had to grab it I had one before and they do still shift, only issue with these is out bad tyres on it and all it does is spin, this has budgets on it and spins in 5th if you hammer it -.- so it needs some looking after but will do me well for a few years, or until I get another itch to get something else haha
  10. I worked out it’s around 16p a mile to run so I’ll be quids in 🙂 but then that will pay for tyres services etc, and yh I know ***** women haha 😂 she’s knows what I’ve given up for her but she’s done the same haha will be worth it in the end 🙂
  11. No so, I only live 6 miles from my site and work shifts so drove the RS there and back when on shift but any training courses or working at another site I have to get a hire car and claim the money back from work, as I couldn’t do business miles with the RS as it costs more per mile than I earn back driving it if you get me, so in getting a golf gtd I save £230 a year tax £400 a year insurance around £300 a month petrol, and I can then drive it to other work sites and get paid 45p a mile and I don’t have to fork out for hire cars any more 🙂
  12. Yh your all correct it is true, cars gone I currently don’t have one, buying a house and I need to loose some payments some months and gain monthly income again lol and I want to drive for work again rather than getting hire cars so need a cheap diesel haha golf GTD again
  13. Well it’s a new year and a new start for me, car is no longer mine photos from its last clean she’s now at blakedown car company someone’s going to get a killer dealer!
  14. Few things completed and ticked off today Revo front 6pot Alcon brakes on there way to me radium dual catch cans fitted and removed my mishimoto one as the radius perform better have come across an issue tho, the carbon hydrodipped parts have rubbed and sworn a few place through 😕 not good but a black marker pen will fix that lol and a real carbon fibre rear wiper arm fitted and removed the carbon dipped one Car needs a desperate clean now tho