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  1. Got this one Saw it advertised on Facebook on Wednesday and two days without a car done my head in using the van we have to lug stuff about it, was cheaper than any others I found, hpi clear decent spec. Heated seats to keep her happy and manual so had to grab it I had one before and they do still shift, only issue with these is out bad tyres on it and all it does is spin, this has budgets on it and spins in 5th if you hammer it -.- so it needs some looking after but will do me well for a few years, or until I get another itch to get something else haha
  2. I worked out it’s around 16p a mile to run so I’ll be quids in 🙂 but then that will pay for tyres services etc, and yh I know ***** women haha 😂 she’s knows what I’ve given up for her but she’s done the same haha will be worth it in the end 🙂
  3. No so, I only live 6 miles from my site and work shifts so drove the RS there and back when on shift but any training courses or working at another site I have to get a hire car and claim the money back from work, as I couldn’t do business miles with the RS as it costs more per mile than I earn back driving it if you get me, so in getting a golf gtd I save £230 a year tax £400 a year insurance around £300 a month petrol, and I can then drive it to other work sites and get paid 45p a mile and I don’t have to fork out for hire cars any more 🙂
  4. Yh your all correct it is true, cars gone I currently don’t have one, buying a house and I need to loose some payments some months and gain monthly income again lol and I want to drive for work again rather than getting hire cars so need a cheap diesel haha golf GTD again
  5. Well it’s a new year and a new start for me, car is no longer mine photos from its last clean she’s now at blakedown car company someone’s going to get a killer dealer!
  6. Few things completed and ticked off today Revo front 6pot Alcon brakes on there way to me radium dual catch cans fitted and removed my mishimoto one as the radius perform better have come across an issue tho, the carbon hydrodipped parts have rubbed and sworn a few place through 😕 not good but a black marker pen will fix that lol and a real carbon fibre rear wiper arm fitted and removed the carbon dipped one Car needs a desperate clean now tho
  7. Few more touches added 🙂 I’m now not sure where to run the M400R tune now I have most of Mountune products lol Mudflaps all done new valve caps new focus plates for door handles new car info plaques fitted also refitted factory sub to stop some rattling in the boot
  8. New Mountune Rally Armour mudflaps to replace the rallyflapz currently fitted, managed to get the fronts fitted today and lined up
  9. Closing it is about twice as hard but they should loosen up so I’m told
  10. Another new mod fitted today, auto open boot struts can add the link to eBay add if people want it https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132775639123
  11. You’ll like these then 😉 new custom intake system installed mountune first and secondary intake pipes carbon dipped and hand painted logos in NB also new engine cover with RS logo placque and a carbon dipstick handle and carbon bonnet release with the Carbon Graham Goodie intake
  12. They came off a while ago just didn’t like them went off the look and prefer the stock ones
  13. Another new bit of carbon, swooped the dipped carbon door handle covers for some real carbon ones