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  1. Thanks for a few more bits to come haha and fog lights guy they came from haha
  2. Few new additions delta rear spoiler TRC headlight brows got my temp sensor fitted into my oil sand which plate ready to install new headlight intake for track days just needs paint new parts fitted the rear dna arb and torsion beam test fitted the airtec header tank but need some different size hose to finish it off so was just a test fit for now new led fog lights and yellow covers cleaned out my oil catch cans (didn’t get a before photo but after 9k Miles was around 80% full) new oil temp sensor gauge all fitted just needs wiring in and connecting to the sensor when I do the oil cooler
  3. Some good photos with the new iPhone 11 pro camera is outstanding!! classic Trax entry photo as well and who needs rear seats anyway! Plus new rear seat delete cover new dna racing classic braces and roll bar to paint and fit!!
  4. Modified airtec header tank for the recall cars only one in existence as I modified it to fit haha just need some more clips and I’ll be away! loads of updates and mods coming
  5. Few bits today fitted my smooth wiper panel new alarm and immobiliser system fitted and airtec oil cooler all painted up ready to be fitted 🙂 cars being cleaned tomorrow haha
  6. New fire extinguisher bracket fitted so I don’t have to run to the boot to get it haha also got my strut brace back after being done in the same colour as the alloys new pro alloy boost hoses to stop my Mountune ones slipping off as they are rubbish and super soft! Airtrc catch can all plumbed in and looking a lot tidier than the previous one!
  7. New summit exhaust tunnel brace came today need to get this on, need to pick my strut brace up tomorrow from the powder coaters and then my nice tgr wheel nuts I had the guys that fitted my tyres on my new wheels have completely destroyed them -.- luckily I had a spare set also got my st170 carriers blasted and painted need some bigger discs now
  8. Meet the Fubaru During the last clean I gave all the trim a clean using gtechnic G4 trim restorer they are back as new and also meant to last 2 years!
  9. Couple new additions Nice gel badges to bring the new colour scheme into it some more
  10. New steering wheel fitted a few little gel badges, ST badge on the steering wheel, blacked out the bottom st badge on the wheel also a black cover for the airbag light new ST badge on the door handle need to get a photo and a nice zunsport grill with gold airtec logo to protect the intercooler from stone chips! New wheels picked up as well off to the refurbers they go
  11. Tracking done today and she feels even better on the road such a hard presence in the corners now just wants to go faster haha
  12. The guy who tuned my car Gareth at STealthWerx he’s done multiple tests and data logs on a smaller cooler and large stage 3 cooler and of all the hardware is kept the same just changing the cooler there is no more extra lag the turbo still starts boosting at the same rpm, the only issue with a small cooler will be heat soak and you won’t be able to go as fast for as long, after a while it will get to hot and start to pull timing out and reduce your power until temps cool down and it will increase timing again, with a large stage 3 cooler it takes hours to heat soak to that level, after 6 20mins sessions round snetterton the temps on a stage 3 cooler car didn’t rise at all but a stage 2 smaller cooler car started reducing power after the first session, the temps didn’t recover and it had to sit out the 3/4 session due to heat it could only do 2 sessions at a time but it’s personal preference really
  13. Big day today New gel vent rings from DMB new steering wheel riders thicker and nice alcantara top and bottom with blue stitching and a blue ring (not fitted yet) New ST badges on and removed the Mountune lip finally Picked up some Team Dynamics Proc Race 3 17x7 et 35 so will sit slightly more in the arch than the current wheels these are being refurbed in a nice Subaru gold New PS4 tyres fitted on the front current alloys so matching PS4s on the car now feels lovely and grippy picked up a delta spoiler with carbon blade needs painting in blue though fitted an R-Sport baffle in the sump with a magnetic sump plug here’s the state of the old oil filter which was apparently fitted in January of this year by the state of the oil its been at least 20k miles since it was last changed new powerflex engine mount insert fitted on the drivers side still have passenger gearbox side to do milltek exhiast fitted DNA racing wishbone arms fitted old red coolant hoses removed and stock hoses fitted again so no more leaks, with fresh coolant as well She’s sitting pretty and the drive home was insane! I can not wait to get it aligned correctly as it’s slightly off and get this thing on track now!
  14. Another cheeky couple of buys while I was away! Picked up a second hand airtec catch can but no hoses also some new DMB st badges, got a new vision for the car coming soon slick not to in your face but some would call it Fubaru
  15. Perks of working away up north for a week, get to check out the local Facebook market place items for sale and notice a seriously cheap milltek non res race cat back exhaust only an hour from your hotel, well it’s rude not to pick it up ain’t it and a cheeky celebration pint
  16. Cheeky buy for myself 🙂 a set of DNA racing light weight front wishbone arms with uniball joints these are meant to last forever these joints due to their unique oil filled joints they don’t rot don’t break and don’t perish over time so hopefully these will outlast the car! Also uniball joints are known for using in racing teams as they give more steering response and feedback than just polybushs also even though polybushs are cheaper and last longer than stock rubber they still diminish and perish over time but are 1/3 of the cost! Mill use polybushs in certain areas where I don’t justify uniball joints, like the rear beam connection Bush, I’ll fit polybushs in them as they are £70 instead of £400 for a set of uniballs and tbh I’m not sure how much more the rear the needs controlling stiffening up after a rear roll bar which is next on the list I think!
  17. New set of PS4’s for the rears due to a puncture and getting close to limit should keep the rear in check more now And bless it hit 66k
  18. Big day today suspension upgrade new B8 dampers new ebiach redline springs new front top strut mounts and bearings new adjustable front drop links new rear spring isolator pads and a summit 4 point lower chassis brace also pics of the airtec hotside car feels like its on rails now, tyres are letting it down round corners so need to figure out if I’m getting new alloys or new tyres also the rear needs an arb to keep the back end flat as it shifts round to much
  19. Cheers it’s a lot less in your face and not noticeable Double sided 3M tape mate holds it perfectly
  20. New airtec cooler and airtec hot side fitted today
  21. New Cobb mount fitted along with a retaining brace to help reduce stress across one bolt and split the stress to multiple bolts decreasing chance of snapping the main mount bolt and also allowing the mount to stay straight and not twist
  22. I went for one as I’ve never had the border before so thought why not haha
  23. New set of plates to get on airtec cooler ready for install and last of the red hoses in the engine bay all gone ultra stealthy look now
  24. An update on what’s going on this next few weeks So done a mini service today, new ITG filter head old one was past a wash an re-oil so new head it is fitted a new pollen filter ( I don’t know how old the last one was but it certainly wasn’t changed in Jan when the last service was carried out 🙄 apparently ) so on the above a mate is helping me fit the R sport baffled sump, with sump plug, new filter and obs an oil change 🙂 to some nice Fuchs Titan pro S 5w30 sweet goodness new plugs to go in as well airtec hotside pipe airtec stage 3 cooler ( so I can fit the airtec oil cooler I cannot with the pro cooler currently fitted ) got myself a cheap set of B8 dampers brand new - so going to get new top mounts and bearing front and rear, and new rear upper spring isolators ( currently have powerflex black series on but they make the rear of the car sit 10mm ish higher than it should and Ford re-released some proper rubber ones not foam so they won’t fall apart ) new front arb drop links adjustable so I can get the front set up currently again If got the cam fuel tappet to change at some point transmission oil to replace fitted the shifter base bushes today makes the changes a lot more precise - I have the transmission bracket ones to do new Cobb rear torque mount with strength plate to install also looking to swop my cobra exhaust for a milltek non res race one annnnnnd getting some 16inch OZ superturismo alloys with ad08r tyres just need a refurb then she’s ready for the oil cooler fitted after next month and the x47r turbo with maxd mapping left to do! Plans hey also house move will be completed within next 5 weeks woop happy happy days
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