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  1. For a really good blow off sound feed your air intake with a good portion of vindaloo wait for a couple of hours and then release any pressure build up from the dump valve which will also produce the loud blow off sound you are looking for.
  2. Angel eyes

    Loads on the web, here's one company though http://www.essexracing.com/index.php?cPath...a169ab35a02e97f
  3. Warranty Question

    Do you know why the condensation is there? Have they told you what causes it? If the new part is exactly the same as the old one though it wont last much longer than the original one unless they have done something to cure the problem.
  4. You should be firm and insist they cover it if it is still under warranty, if it isn't still insist that a car that young and mileage shouldn't be jumping out of gear etc, they still might pay a percentage towards the cost. If you don't ask you won't get!
  5. Just because they say two cars do it does not make it ok, its under warranty and you are obviously unhappy with how your car behaves / sounds. Take it to another dealer, cars shouldn't grind, vibrate and make noises that are abnormal. Get it done while it is costing Ford, otherwise they will happily take your money once your warranty has expired and tell you that the problem is a known one to Ford, but you will have to pay out for their shoddy build quality. If my car was in for a service or repair I would not be happy for it to be used as a test car to look for other customers faults, why didn't they check a brand new car? Change to another dealer and insist they sort it under warranty - just because they don't know what the problem is, does not mean it doesn't exist!
  6. focus colour

    Give Ford dealer a ring with reg and VIN they should be able to tell you what the original colour is.
  7. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    Mines an 05 too its meant to have a 12 year paint warranty. Mine did have FSH (only done 13000 miles) but no paint inspection stamps, they know its a manufacturing problem so rather than trying to repair it, take it back to Ford. Its their fault its going rusty!
  8. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    I guess i must have been lucky or got a good bodyshop, he did take photos and said he'd push it as hard as possible to be done under warranty as obviously they get paid for the work by Ford, I did mention too that i was aware that this was a known problem on Fords and that I didnt want to pay for their shoddy workmanship. I must admit the garage were very good. It wasnt too bad either just bubbly paint really and when i ground a bit off there was no rust underneath just loose topcoat paint. He did say that some people went in there with big holes and severe rust and thats when Ford didnt want to know as it meant fitting new doors etc and in those cases they asked for a percentage of the repair. They should build them properly in the first place then they wouldn't get warranty claims.
  9. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    Got car back from Ford now and repair looks good as new, also looks like they have put wax inside doors which can only be good. Shame they didn't make it properly in the first place!
  10. Would you recommend me a focus ?

    Personally I'd stick with the Golf. I bought a Focus and despite having a couple of Fords before (and a VW) I think the build quality now is awful. Corrosion, leaks and stuff like the fact that the bottom of the doors doesnt even have a top coat of paint !!! I had a VW and there was wax everywhere and no rust on a 14 year old car. I've just got an 05 Focus 12000 miles and have had to waxoyl the underside as a lot of the components underneath had rust on already. Its also waiting to go back to Ford to have corrosion on doors repaired due to poor standards in manufacture.This is not acceptable on a 3.5 year old car in my opinion regardless of how it handles. Don't think I'll be keeping this one too long and certainly would not buy another. VW are a quality build and you don't want to invest money upgrading engine etc just to find the bodywork falling apart. Don't want to buy a Focus do you????
  11. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    Just an update - took it to Ford dealer today and they are going to try and get it all done under warranty. They said they couldnt see a problem getting it done as its a known issue and I'd caught it very early on. Poor manufacture and painting causing water to get under the sealant and start corroding is what they said. Will let you know how I get on - he did say though that the longer its left the less chance of Ford covering the repair so I would say check your own carefully and get it sorted asap. Ive never known a car like this for known problems only just sorted the flooded spark plugs by fitting the modified washer jets.
  12. Hi, After reading some posts on here had a look at my own doors and have found small patches of bubbly paint along the bottom door seal (not the rubber seal, but the bit at the bottom of the door - looks like sealant) Its not serious yet but I want to stop this dead now. Has anyone got any suggestions or had any responses from Ford regarding warranty work (no paint inspections in service book but FSH) I thought about grinding it off carefully and painting with hammerite along the edge and then waxoyl over. Its a 55 mk 2 1.6 Cheers
  13. Radio code please

    Thank you
  14. Radio code please

    6000CD M045121 Hi have just bought 55 focus and dealer hasnt left code in the book ia there anyone who could give me the correct code for my radio Thanks