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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting my boot door open and it's not as if I can open it with a key because there isn't a keyhole, just this fingertip thingy underneath the sill. I don't know how it works but it's not releasing the mechanism when I put my fingers on it and I have to fiddle around a bit to get it open. Annoying at the best of times but when I've got the dogs standing waiting to get in or they're already in and I can't get the door open it's even more annoying! I thought it was the mechanism inside sticking so I've put some WD40 on it but it didn't seem to make any difference, so I presume it's the bit underneath the rubber handle. Is this an electrical thing?
  2. Boot Door Sticking

    Yes I have a choice of three ways to open the boot door now, lucky me. :)
  3. Boot Door Sticking

    All done for £160. I wouldn't trust myself to do something to the car, I might make it worse and it was worth paying the money to the garage just so my very short tempered husband didn't attempt it.
  4. Boot Door Sticking

    They have to replace the catch and the switch so more expensive. I thought the catch was part of the switch.
  5. Boot Door Sticking

    Garage have just phoned to see it's not the switch, the spring is missing from the catch. I presume that will be cheaper, I'm waiting for them to phone back.
  6. Boot Door Sticking

    It will move with a screwdriver but won't stay there. I've booked it in to the garage on Thursday to have it replaced as I can't take the risk of a dodgy boot lock with my dogs in the back.
  7. Boot Door Sticking

    It's a 53 TDCi estate. It won't lock, not with the remote, the handle or the switch inside. What a ridiculous idea not having a keyhole!
  8. Boot Door Sticking

    Oh I've just realised we didn't disconnect anything, just WD40'd it but I'm not telling my husband to go back and do it again!
  9. Boot Door Sticking

    We've just had a look and WD40'd it but still nothing, not even from the switch inside the car or key fob remote. :( We've fastened it down with a bungee until I can get it into the garage but that won't be until Thursday because of silly bank holidays.
  10. Boot Door Sticking

    Another option is if you disconnect the boot switch, the interior release button and the keyfob button should still work fine. Some people actually did this, not as a fix but as a security measure, to stop the boot being so easily accessible when stopped at traffic lights for example. How do I disconnect the boot switch?
  11. Boot Door Sticking

    The boot switch has been working ok and I've had more urgent things to sort out like a new clutch and windscreen. I went out this morning, put the dog in the boot and now I can't lock it because the switch isn't releasing - the opposite problem from what I had before. I can't drive around with the boot open so can't drive the car until I get the switch replaced. Is there a way of getting it to release so I can shut the boot door?
  12. My Mondeo has a chip on the windscreen and as it's on the driver's side it will have to be done before the MOT at the end of the month. I took it down to Autoglass to see if it could be repaired and they said it was too big to repair on the driver's side and I would need a new windscreen. Although my insurance is fully comp, I stupidly and truthfully told the insurance company the chip was there when we bought the car and now they won't pay out for it. So after just having paid out £700 for a new clutch and DMF that tooks us three months to save for, I have to somehow buy a new windscreen. :( The cheapest quote I've had from a windscreen company is £200. Anyone know where I can get it done cheaper than that? Do garages replace windscreens and is it likely to be cheaper than the glass companies? It's heated and has a rain censor which probably makes it more expensive. Can I get one second hand or is that not legal?
  13. New Windscreen

    I'm not worried about water getting into the windscreen, they said it was encapsulated. I was worried about water and dirt gathering along the gap at the top.
  14. New Windscreen

    I have spoken to the local office but didn't get past the telephonist. She said the seal is purely cosmetic and some have them, some don't. Surely if it's not sealed it will collect water along the top and corrode the bodywork? She is supposed to be getting someone to ring me back.
  15. New Windscreen

    Car passed it's MOT. :) :) :) About the windscreen, though. There is no seal along the top of the windscreen, is that right? I phoned them and the local office is closed for the weekend but the woman at the call centre said she was pretty sure it was supposed to be like that and she'll get someone to ring me on Monday. Is this new technology? I'm sure the old one wasn't like that, it's just bare glass along the top.
  16. New Windscreen

    Yep, we're living on beans for a month now.
  17. New Windscreen

    The deed is done - shiny new windscreen, heated with rain censor for £210. I think it's a good price, just a shame I talked myself into paying it. MOT is on Friday and if it fails it'll be off road because we're skint now after a replacement clutch and windscreen.
  18. New Windscreen

    Thank you for all your suggestions, but I think the insurance company would be a little suspicious if my windscreen suddenly cracked after they told me they wouldn't pay for a new one a few days before. If the MOT wasn't so close I could easily live with the chip for months and wait until I got a new one - accidentally or otherwise!
  19. New Windscreen

    I'm sure the insurance company would smell a rat and I'm scared of being prosecuted for fraud! Now if I happened to drive down a temporary road surface too fast and a stone hit the windscreen and chipped it again that would be different. :)
  20. New Windscreen

    Yes I realise that now, but lying doesn't come instantly to me and I wasn't expecting to be asked that question as I've never had to have a repair to a windscreen before. Had I known honesty would cost me £200 of course I would have lied.
  21. My car colour says beggars can't be choosers! It's that strange oyster silver colour and I didn't choose it, I just bought the cheapest Mondeo with the highest spec I could get for the money. If I could choose, I would have blue.
  22. New Windscreen

    Thanks. I've had some more quotes and £210 seems to be the average.
  23. Hi everyone When I go over a speed bump I can hear the exhaust knocking so had a quick look and found something I've never seen before so I took a picture! there is a strange strap thing hanging down with connections on either side and one side is not connected. It already has a cable tie on it so I presume the previous owner tried a quick fix that didn't work. I presume both sides are supposed to go through this strap thing?
  24. I bought a 2003 Mondeo TDCi estate a couple of months ago. It has a full service history so I wasn't too worried about it having anything seriously wrong with it. I've never owned a diesel before and it drives really well, no problems or strange noises, accelerates nicely thanks to the turbo, but when the engine is idling it sounds rattly until I put the clutch down and then the rattling stops. Should I be concerned? We saved for three months to buy a car after the head gasket went on our Vectra and I bought it on my own with no help, so if anything is seriously wrong it, it's going to be my fault of course!
  25. Engine Rattling When Idle

    Oh that's ok then, I thought it would another bit I'd have to pay for! Thanks. :)