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  1. Body Kits

    So, I'm looking to get a new body kit for my fiesta mk6 but can't find anywhere that sells them at a reasonable price :/ Just wondering where anyone has got them from :)
  2. Problem With Abs Light!

    Nope thats fine also
  3. Problem With Abs Light!

    So my abs light/handbrake light has been coming on and off whilst driving quite a bit.. but recently it just stays on whether my handbrake is on or off... i have my MOT at the end of august, not looking good :( Ive had the switch checked out and its nothing to do with that, any suggestions?
  4. My Ford Fiesta 1.4

  5. Post Your Pictures :)

    Want to see peoples fiestas Some pictures of mine..Bad lighting though and only on a mobile -_-
  6. Yet Another Newbie!!!

    I want a ford owners club sticker!! How would i go about that ?
  7. Yet Another Newbie!!!

    Haha i love them!! :D
  8. Yet Another Newbie!!!

    Yeah i agree, thinking of getting the smoked look on them as well and changing the front headlights to black angel eyes!
  9. Hello all, Quite new to all this! Thought i would upload a few pictures of my fiesta, the ones up at the moment are old pictures and there are more to come with more mods ^_^ Current mods: Full body kitDebadgedBlacked out windowsRadio upgradeLooking to get remapped within the next 2 weeks as well :) Would love to hear any suggestions that would make my car look even better!! Looking for good conversation and to see everyone elses Fords! B)
  10. My Fiesta

  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Bates21 :)