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  1. Error Code

    i have done that it runs the same but i havnt got a machine to turn the code off to see if it comes back up with it unpluged i took the sensor out and drove the car and it drove the same and i am all so missing some fuses f32 r7 f21 f14 15 16 im thinking maybe a new sensor at 150 pound
  2. Error Code

    its driving but just a lack of power and if i get it it start it up and try to rev the car it goes to stale but if i leave it a bit it will rev up fine
  3. Error Code

    thanks so what is the best thing for me to check first and the easy things lol
  4. Error Code

    hi all im nes to the ford um i have a code its a p 0101 could anyone help me plz if so what could b making this code thanks
  5. Need Help

    i dont have a multimeter but yes i can buy one and i was thinking of unplugging the maf and driving it to c if it does anything or stays the same what should the volts b on all the pins if i get a multimeter
  6. Need Help

    ok when i do that do i have to go and get the eml turned off b4 i will c if that worked is there anyway of seeing if it is the maf its self
  7. Need Help

    i went to the garage today cos the light come bk on and the only code that come up is p0100 air mass so dont no if i should get a new one or c if the pin is broke like one of the guys had on here
  8. Need Help

    hi guys i bought a 1.8 tdci sport focus but when i get in it strat the engine some times there is no revs at all then it will kick in i took it to a garage today and the codes come up are 0336 1632 0100 and 1260 anyone no what they mean and do u think it would b to do with any of these the problem thanks guys im new so need a bit of help lol
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums STRETCH2009. :)

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