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  1. Fiesta Metal Headlights Problem

    This issue is now fixed ! The intermittent headlights were caused by the electrical relay that lives between the control module and the headlights. It was faulty - hence the problem. It is a rare problem but cars don't have a simple circuit to the headlights anymore and these things happen. The dealership swapped the relay from the fog-beams to the headlights which fixed them until they could replace it with the correct (relay) part. The faulty relay was wounded but not dead - which caused the confusion. It is rare enough problem that the mechanics at the dealership didn't believe there was a problem until my car was ready to replicate it for them on my fourth visit there. And letting all know my patchy understanding will help the 0.01 per cent of drivers of modern cars that this will happen to (my guess). That's it. (I originally posted this solution late last year but this webforum computer server crashed and lost it). good luck and Cheers :)
  2. Fiesta Metal Headlights Problem

    Yep - later on at night - Dan ... often when parked in carparks which of course are always lit .. which might confuse the ambient light sensor.. Don't know why the lights don't come on for a while when I drive off though ..on less than well-lit roads. The mechanic at the dealer couldn't find anything on the first check ... Cheers
  3. Hi all - I picked up my new Fiesta Metal (in black) a month ago now and - like the other owners of this model - Luv it B) . The only issue I have is the headlights - they don't come on straight away - the normal dipped-beam that is ... Not in auto mode nor by using the manual switch. Rather annoyingly the lights do come on - but only after 10 to 15 minutes of driving... driving across town that is - with only the parkers on... Is this a known issue or feature ? With cheers
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Rokket :)