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  1. Fiesta Zetec Climate MK6.5

  2. Must of posted the wrong link, this should work : http://www.civinfo.com/forum/9g-general-discussion/110613-drl-headlights.html Take a look at how these guys did it, it looks pretty straight forward the way they did it, but that is with manufacturer DRLs I think? And on my DRL box, there was 4 types of DRLs they had some which said it could dim etc when the headlights were turned on so I'm assuming I do have the same lights.
  3. Must I use a relay to do this? As I think I already have a relay with this kit (please look at above post). I've already actually purchased some resistors as I was reading another forum where they used a resistor alone to dim their DRLs, Can you/ or someone please look here: http://www.civinfo.com/forum/9g-general-discussion/110613-drl-headlights.html to see if I can do something like this ?
  4. Thanks for all the quick replies everyone ^_^ Just to make it clearer how my dual function DRLs work... This was how I installed this kit: I took my existing fog lights out, and screwed these new DRLs in (plug and play). I then connected it to the box (relay?) where there was a white cable (goes to the ignition live), a yellow cable (connects to sidelight) and a black cable with a round circle clip thing (goes to negative)I then connected the white wire to my ignition live which I located from the back of my stereo unit, the yellow cable I spliced with my side light wire and the black to the negative from the battery. Once complete, when I turn the key forward twice in the car and the electrics are on and working (stereo unit all working) the DRLs will turn onThen when I turn on my sidelights or headlights on, the DRLs will switch off.There is also a fog light switch attached to the box and if I press it, it will turn the fog lights on and off when pressed (the DRLs have a dual function thing where it has seperate LEDs which can switch from DRLs to Fogs) I already have a relay/module box thing with this kit don't I? I wouldn't be able to connect my lights to these I don't think as they have different connectors. Hmm, would this module work with my kit I have though? I've just explained above how I installed these lights to make it clearer to understand how my lights work. Thanks
  5. Hi Does anyone know to to dim aftermarket DRL's lights whilst the sidelight or headlights are on? I have these lights : http://www.sw-tuning.de/LED-Tagfahrlicht-Module/Tagfahrlicht-fahrzeugspezifisch/Opel/Astra-H/LED-TFL-LED-NSW-Suzuki-Renault-Opel-Peugeot-Nissan-Ford-Dacia-Citroen-Jaguar::34004.html Thanks
  6. Headlights

    Are you serious lol? Remove the 2 upper screws and the is one more next to the indicator light bit.. Or read the owners handbook, page 44 on mine.
  7. Hello Can someone quickly tell me where the ignition live is on a 08 Fiesta MK6.5 (facelift)? Its been two days now trying to install these DRL's... thanks
  8. Super White Bulbs

    Np, but i wouldn't say these exactly have a blue tint to them, they are more of a white colour. You should also try the 'Phillips X-Treme Vision' as I heard their more whiter but do not throw as much light out.
  9. Super White Bulbs

    Here is my video of the Osram Unlimited on my MK6.5 if you wanted to see what they looked like. ;)
  10. Installing my DRL's and I need them to connect my sidelights, what colour is the wire of the sidelight on a Fiesta MK6.5 08 plate? Thanks - Found it, does anyone know where the ignition switch/wire is? Thanks
  11. Super White Bulbs

    Why not just get the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited? I think their Osram's best nightbreakers, I personally use them myself and they light up the the road very well. I've got a video on youtube showing what it looks like from the front and what it looks like when driving although my left side beam is dipped far too low in the video.
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk6.5 Installing Drl's

    I've received my lights and the instructions looks pretty straight forward but does anyone know how to remove the fog lights surrounds?
  13. Ford Fiesta Mk6.5 Installing Drl's

    Are you both 100% sure that it would an MOT test? I've been reading up and I thought that they didn't test the front fog lights as they were optional extras whereas they would definitely test the rear fogs as its mandatory. I also have Auto headlights so would installing these DRL's interfere with them too?
  14. Hello I just purchased these lights daytime running lights and they should be arriving soon: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251416397470?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 They will apparently fit into the existing fog light part but I have no idea how to install these and am wondering if anyone has done something like this and whether it will be a tough job to do. The installation guide is : http://www.hidled.com/system/files/8/original/HL-DRL-LED-04.pdf?1294155756 and this the official website for the lights i think : http://www.hidled.com/products/LED-Daytime-Running-Lights-HL-DRL-LED-06-56 Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Mike