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  1. C-Max brake fluid top-up

    Thanks for your input ToolBox, I used a 99p for 3 Tesco kitchen funnel and a £1.85 metre of B&Q 8mm plastic pipe. The solution was easy in the end, I was just confused as to why the brake fluid reservoir is recessed especially since the owners manual shows it in plain view next to the washer and coolant reservoirs. I do about 30k per annum and it was last serviced in November so it'll be due shortly, I'll keep an eye on it and if it gets low again I'll get it in early. Cheers, Aub
  2. C-Max brake fluid top-up

    I have a C-Max Ghia 2.0 Duratorq TDCi and have a very intermittent low brake fluid light so I want to do a top-up. However, the brake fluid reservoir seems to be unreachable. According to page 192 of the owners guide it sits next to screenwash and coolant top-up points but on mine it's recessed about 20cm further back under the windscreen. Short of creating a kitchen funnel and aquarium pipe type rig to reach it how is it meant to be done? Cheers, Aub